North Carolina

If you are looking to move somewhere that the climate is great year-round, the job market is flourishing, and living is affordable, look no further than the many great cities and towns in North Carolina.

The Tar Heel State is also home to much culture and history, a diverse and thriving art scene as well as many breathtaking natural landscapes.

Check out Chapel Hill apartments or head to Charlotte for a place to settle in – there’s a little something for everyone in this southern state.

Natural Beauty is Unmatched

The three geographic regions of North Carolina give residents a variety of views to take in.

The eastern coastal plains have the stunning Outer Banks, also a popular vacation spot. The central Piedmont region hosts five of the state’s largest cities, plus quaint towns like Pinehurst and Hillsborough. Western NC has the incredible Great Smoky Mountains National Park, as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains. There lies Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Rockies.

Overall, North Carolina has 41 state parks, 10 national parks, and four national forests. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the miles of hiking trails, lakes and streams, and roaring whitewater rivers.

The Cost of Living is Low

When looking at the national average for cost of living, North Carolina’s rate hits below the median in nearly every category: housing, transportation, groceries, healthcare, and utilities. Add to this the fact that taxes here are also lower than the national average, and you have a great setup for living affordably.

Healthcare Choices are Fantastic

Not only does the price of healthcare rank well in the nation, but the choices are also many and of high quality.

There are four nationally-acclaimed medical schools here with Duke University, East Carolina University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Wake Forest University. Charlotte and the Research Triangle have top-tier hospitals for critical care, and more than 100 community hospitals are present for everyday medical needs. Also check this out Papikonda national park.

So Are Educational Institutions

Speaking of top universities, North Carolina is home to 17 public universities, 36 private colleges and universities, and the third largest community college system in the country.

The state also leads the country in number of National Board Certified teachers and has cultivated increasingly accountable public schools in which students are performing above national averages.

The People Are Lovely

Yes, North Carolina has the ubiquitous southern charm – but it’s not just seen in the smaller towns. In fact, bigger cities like Raleigh and Charlotte have model citizens that lay on the charm and mean every word of it.

Be prepared for a warm welcome and friendly faces wherever you go.

Sports Fans Will Never Be Bored

From college football to golf, there is always some sort of sporting event happening to keep folks busy.

The city of Charlotte, itself, is a big draw for sports fans. Here is the home of NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, as well as the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is considered the home track of NASCAR.

The U.S. Open is played at the legendary Pinehurst No. 2 golf course in North Carolina every four to six years.