The Apple App Store currently has over 1.96 million apps.

There are multiple apps for almost everything you can think of, and it is often hard to know which ones are best for what you want.

This stands true for house cleaning apps, as there are plenty to choose from. You don’t want to spend your time downloading and trying each one, so we have done a rundown of some of the best.

For a summary of 12 of the best house cleaning apps, keep reading. 

1. OurHome

This free app is perfect for a family home, as it helps you manage tasks and chores for multiple people. You can assign different tasks to family members, and can even reward them for finishing jobs, ensuring you’re not the only one maintaining a clean house.

It offers a shared grocery list, and progress can be monitored. You can even communicate through messages and task reminders, and it keeps in sync across everyone’s devices.

Of course, this only works if everyone has the time to take care of their chores. If you have too many tasks for your family to handle, you may want to look into cleaning services at

2. Do!

A simple way to keep your tasks organized, this widget lets you write up a to-do list and keep things organized. A color-coding system can be used to separate jobs, allowing you to keep rooms separate, for example.

It has a minimalistic look that resembles paper and even has paper and pen sound effects. The standard version is free, but there’s a premium version if you want to remove ads and have unlimited groups.

3. Home Cleaning

More comprehensive than Do!, but still very simple, Home Cleaning ditches the bells and whistles to keep things easy and organized. You can list and track all your household chores, separating them by room as needed.

It also includes a budgeting sheet to help keep your monthly spending in order, as well as a contact sheet. There is a free and a paid version, but unfortunately, this is only available on iOS devices.

4. Homey

Getting kids to do their chores can be a challenge. Homey helps with that. You can assign and track chores, and it allows you to pay them their allowance through the app as they get jobs done.

Each person has their own account, so when they log in, they can see what their assigned jobs are. The app itself is free to download, but as it includes banking connections it has a monthly fee of $4.99 (or $49.99 yearly).

5. Laundry Day

This app has a more specific purpose than most and is perhaps the most innovative on this list. With Laundry Day you can scan the tags of your clothes and it will tell you how to handle them.

It gives a description of all those confusing symbols so you know what to do – and not do –  with each garment. Keeping all of your clothes in good condition has never been easier.

This app is only available on iOS, and there is no free version. But at just $0.99, it is well worth it.

6. Done

The easiest way to make sure you’re house stays clean is by getting into good habits. Done focuses on making sure you do tasks regularly, so you can set certain tasks to be done daily, others weekly, and more.

You just tell the app what task you want to get done, and how often you want to do it. It will track you and let you know if you haven’t done anything. This is another free iOS exclusive.

7. Clean My House

For those who need a bit of a nudge to get things done, this app is perfect. You can schedule all the tasks you need to do and when you need to do them. Each morning, Clean My House will tell you what is on the list for that day.

You can tick off each task throughout the day as you go, and it has both a free and paid version available on Android.

8. Tody

Tody is popular for how user-friendly and versatile it is. You can share tasks across different devices and everyone can filter jobs to make things easier.

The app can even analyze the cleaning styles of everyone using it and prioritize jobs accordingly. It gives reminders and due dates, but no deadlines so there isn’t too much pressure.

Tody is available on both Android and iOS but requires a subscription for each device used.

9. Home Routines

With Home Routines, you are in complete control of the tasks in your household. You can create routine checklists, which it will remind you of as they are scheduled.

It is customizable and will reward you with gold stars as tasks are completed. This is one of the more comprehensive cleaning apps available, but as such, it comes in at $4.99

10. Cleaning Checklist

For one that covers the basics and is easy to use for a number of people, this is a good choice. You can group tasks by room, and each time a task is added, it can be assigned to a certain individual.

You can prioritize tasks too so the most important things get done first. It is free but does include pop-up ads.

11. Clean House

Clean House is also a clean app – a basic design so that you can get everything done without any messing around. It is user-friendly and covers all the basics.

This includes task setting, scheduling, and reminders. Jobs can also be set to repeat.

12. Sweepy

Sweepy covers all bases. You can set tasks by room, assign them to different users, and synchronize across devices. It can automatically generate a schedule for each member of your household and has a leaderboard that will encourage everyone to get cleaning.

You can also prioritize tasks if you have anything urgent. Sweepy is free for both iOS and Android, and included in-app purchases.

Are House Cleaning Apps Enough?

If you and everyone in your home are happy to spend a bit of time doing chores, then these house cleaning apps could help keep everything flowing.

Sometimes, however, you may need a bit of help from a professional housecleaner. If that’s the case, home services are always available and will have your house in order in no time.

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