The living room is the real heart of the house. Here the whole family gathers for an evening movie show, hosts friends, communicates with family and friends.

In this article, we will tell you how to create an inspiring and stylish interior with luxury living room furniture. It should not only be stylish and pleasant to look at, because it is the business card of the owners of the house, but also functional, meet all the requirements. In many ways, these components of coziness and comfort depend on how properly selected the furniture.

Important Aspects for Living Room Design 

When decorating the interior of the living room in the house, it is important to consider several important aspects. Among them:

  • The level of illumination;
  • The number of windows and doorways;
  • Is there a staircase;
  • The configuration of the room.

Take into account the presence of adjoining rooms, their relationship to the living room, what is the area of the hall. Decide on the accents. What exactly do you want to make a bright detail, the wall background, pieces of furniture and so on. The accent should be one, distracting from the shortcomings of the whole room.

The living room should feel comfortable and cozy atmosphere. This is facilitated by the smooth shapes and soft colors of the furniture used, carpets with long pile. At the stage of selecting materials and interior items, it is necessary to follow your intuition and buy exactly those elements of decor, among which it will be pleasant to be and spend leisure time.

Choosing furniture for the modern living room

It is customary to change the furnishings and accessories to fill the modern living room. When choosing furniture, you can adhere to the following tips:

  • Use modular furniture. Modular can be not only walls, but also sofas, chairs and many other accessories. Such products look very stylish, easily interact with each other and allow you to create quite bold and interesting compositions;
  • Do not be afraid to experiment. You can buy abstract furniture of unusual shape, install bold statuettes or hang bright paintings. But remember that everything should be in moderation;
  • Pay attention to lighting. You can also experiment with lighting. For example, you can buy several lamps, capable to create an optical illusion. Also, a great option would be products that combine several materials, such as textiles and wood.

Modern living room interiors involve a combination of a variety of design trends. Great attention is paid to the functionality and comfort of the room.

Furnishing options

There are a huge number of options for a beautiful and cozy room arrangement. The most common choice is always zoning. It’s very easy to divide the work area and the sitting area, the guest area and the sleeping areas. If you have a large living room, a great idea would be to add a fireplace or other decor. A good option for decorating the room would be a Vintage Farmhouse Coffee Table for Living Room, it will be a bright accent that will give your home a personality.By the way, there is also an option to combine the living room with the kitchen.

Homey Design Storebut you can’t take the risk of choosing a pretentious design, because many interesting compositions have already been created, of which everyone can quickly choose a satisfactory option. The company’s design is based on the reproduction of historical models, as well as their modern interpretation. Each piece of furniture with a wooden base is decorated with skilful hand carving, and many textile elements such as upholstery, cushions, drapes, baldachins and lambrequins are decorated with exquisite monogrammed embroidery.