Storage shed is an indispensable attribute of any property. It is where inventory is stored. Customers require it to be as strong as possible and at the same time easy to put together. For these purposes, sheds made of plastic, wood, and metal are widely used. Their popularity is based on ease of installation, as well as relatively inexpensive cost, combined with a long service life.

In fact, assembling a storage shed is not a problem if you have an assistant, the necessary tools and patience. Basic general construction knowledge is also required. When contacting us, customers very often ask about installation directly on the ground. In most cases, this damages the plastic floor of the garage, as it comes with a ready-made floor and, if it is installed on bare ground, the floor may be bent when loaded, causing the entire frame to damage. At a minimum, you will not be able to open, close the doors normally. Also, if the garage is set on the ground, moisture and mold will be your friend for a long time.

Although all manufacturers claim that a foundation is not needed, we recommend installing at least a wooden base. The location of the shed is also important. Before installation, our company still recommends contacting the local building department and to be consulted. If you started installing a shed on your site, it is not quite difficult to assemble it correctly, since the scheme does not suggest other options. The conclusion is simple if you aim to do it – then everything will work out!

Sometimes our clients ask how a gazebo is installed, and to tell them about the process. It all starts from the place of installation. As a rule, it is a concrete patio, a deck or pavers. If everything is clear with the first and second, then pavers have nuances. How to anchor a gazebo so that it doesn’t get blown away by the wind?

There are several options, you can disassemble part of the pavers to make concrete footings, install the pavers back, put a gazebo and anchor to the footings through the pavers. Metal gazebos have hollow legs, so it is possible to pour some gravel inside to make the whole thing heavier.  When the issue with the place and anchoring is done, it remains to follow the assembly instructions and consult with your assistant. If you have no experience, our company recommends even for a small gazebo, 10×12, for example, use 3 people to assist. Take care of your health .Take your time, do everything slowly. Everything will definitely work out. If you understand that you can not cope, we are happy to help.