You want to learn more about the Golf Cart accident? How many people were hurt in the crash? If so, you’ll love this article.

According to NC reports, two people were killed and four other people were badly hurt when the car struck the head of the golf car. This happened on Monday night in North Carolina, United States.

Who were the victims of the golf cart collision?

The troopers heard Winston Salem say this. Michael Shane Marlowe (39) and his 5-year old son, called the Bentley Marlowe (5), were the drivers of the golf cart. Both of them died in the collision. The accident also left 4 other passengers in the cart, ages 26, 13, 13 and 2 who were all severely injured and were immediately transported to the hospital in Charlotte by helicopter. They also mentioned that they responded around 9:40 am to Fort Dobbs near Dobbs drive Statesville north, under the Golf Cart accident Statesville NC.

Troopers responded that the north end of Statesville crossed the line after the Honda accord crossed it and struck the golf cart’s head in the opposite direction. The golf cart is considered to be a recreational activity and people can ride it. But, the tragic result of collisions with other vehicles, as the trooper Jeffrey swagger stated, is that the vehicle becomes a tragedy. We also glance at the Honda driver arrested for impaired driving.

Honda driver arrested

According to the analysis of the Statesville Golf Cart Injury, was the Honda driver aged 23. He was named Austin ray Harmon from Statesville. The case of impaired driving led to him being arrested later.

The two counts of vehicle under felony death and three counts felony serious injury by vehicle. Harmon was also expected to appear in court by Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, all activity at B & B’s auto glass and mirrors was stopped in Statesville. We’ll now examine the reports that follow the tragedy of the car crash.

Statesville Golf Cart Accident

Mike Marlowe feels the pain of his loss as a business owner. J.R. white, a Marlowe family friend, said that the accident news was very shocking. Marlowe is a friend he never forgets. He always helps those in need.


We will be discussing the Statesville car wreck that left several people dead and many others seriously hurt.