Do you want to buy the best brands online in the United States Are you a fan of the Walmart brand? It is known for selling reputed brands at bulk discounts. What URL is the official Walmart website?

Is it true that many fraudulent websites are registered in order to imitate Walmart’s brand name and scam innocent citizens? Let’s examine below for more information in this Walmartgroup Review.

Brief:, a website that is only five days old, has caught the attention netizens because it offers a wide variety of products at low prices.

  • Electric cookers
  • Televisions,
  • Air filters
  • Computer accessories
  • Equipment and tools
  • Utilities and electronics for the kitchen
  • Furniture,
  • Games,
  • Shoes and other accessories is a fake website. It is not supported by Walmart. tried to capitalize on the Walmart brand. domain has many websites. has social media links embedded on its website. Further research has shown that does not exist on any social media platforms. So,’s information is false. currently gives an error ‘403()’, which restricts its access. It is therefore not available in many countries.


  • Buy household utilities at:
  • Price Range: Between $59.99 and $99.99
  • Physical address:613 South Fayette Street Beckley, WV-25801, USA.
  • Social media links:included on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, the links are inactive. Customer Reviews and blogs not supported by WalmartGroup.
  • Terms & Conditions:included, but plagiarized from WalmartGroup.
  • Privacy Policy:included, but plagiarized from WalmartGroup.
  • Phone number (or) Whatsapp number:unspecified WalmartGroup
  • Store Locator:not listed on WalmartGroup.
  • Walmartgroup Reviews Help and FAQ: Unspecified on WalmartGroup.
  • Delivery Policy:unspecified at WalmartGroup.
  • Shipping Policy:Not accessible on WalmartGroup.
  • Cancellation Policy:unspecified at WalmartGroup.
  • Restocking Fee:unspecified WalmartGroup
  • Tracking:not available on WalmartGroup.
  • Return Policy:unspecified at WalmartGroup.
  • Policy on Refunds: not specified on WalmartGroup.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Payment Mode: via PayPal in USD
  • Newsletters: Supported by WalmartGroup.


  • WalmartGroup’s user-friendly interface with searching, sorting, and filtering criteria
  • WalmartGroup has detailed product descriptions and images.
  • WalmartGroup also offers low-cost products below $100
  • WalmartGroup offers free shipping for all orders

Cons determining Walmartgroup :

  • WalmartGroup’s poor inventory control allows customers to order unlimited quantities of the same product, which is contrary to the limited purchasing policy
  • WalmartGroup product pages do not provide sufficient information about products.
  • The map shows the address of a residential apartment available for rent. The address is false.
  • It is difficult to reach WalmartGroup customer service because the number isn’t available and the address is false.
  • WalmartGroup does not specify important policies such as delivery policy, cancellations, returns, refunds, and so forth.
  • WalmartGroup offers PayPal as a payment method.
  • Due to the fact that products are shipped from different countries, shoes and accessories may have different sizes.

Is Walmartgroup Legit?

  • WalmartGroup Creation 10th June 2022, 10:02:16
  • WalmartGroup Age: five days old.
  • WalmartGroup. Last update on: without data.
  • WalmartGroup Expiry Date: 10 June 2023 at 10:00:16
  • WalmartGroup life expectancy iseleven and twenty-five months.
  • Trust Index – WalmartGroup has achieved Trust Rank of 1%
  • Business RankingWalmartGroup has achieved a Business Rank 58.8%.
  • Origin:WalmartGroup was founded in high-risk China.
  • Status Blacklisting: WalmartGroup has not been blacklisted.
  • SSL Statusits IP The SSL certificate is valid for the next 8 weeks.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 29%.
  • No data.
  • Walmartgroup Reviews Contact person:not listed on WalmartGroup.
  • Connection Security: WalmartGroup utilizes HTTPS protocol.
  • Social relations: WalmartGroup does not use social media.
  • Contact and Identity of the Owner: The contact and identity for the owner are censored.

Customer Reviews: has seven reviews on YouTube and one review on These suggest it may be a scam. has a zero Alexa ranking. does not support product reviews. does not support product reviews.


Walmartgroup Reviewconcludes that appears to be a fraud. is new and has a very short life expectancy. It is not registered in a high risk country. We do not recommend because of the lack of delivery acknowledgements, customer feedback, ratings and reviews.