The guide provides short Sshqt reviews to let consumers know about the legitimacy of the store prior to making purchases in the store.

Are you looking to give your home fresh style? Are you in search of the perfect furniture to update your living area and patio? is a newly-launched online store which claims to provide the finest selection of home decor items and furniture to furnish your home. offers the largest selection of furniture and other decorative items for your living space patio, the garden at home.

The site claims to provide worldwide shipping, which includes shipping to the United States. However, make sure to take a look at the Sshqt reviews prior to shopping.

What is Sshqt?

Sshqt offers an on-line retailer that sells a wide range of furniture and home decor items as well as furniture for both outdoor and indoor spaces. It claims to provide the latest and most fashionable range of furniture that can aid customers in the transformation of their patios, living spaces as well as their outdoor areas.

The store was recently launched with a stylish layout and simple navigation. You can browse through products from the homepage. users can review the product descriptions before making an order.

The website claims to provide free shipping worldwide for purchases that exceed $70. However, many shoppers across the United States want to be aware of whether Sshqt is legitimate to shop or is it a scam.


  • Product Category – Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, Storage Shed, Swings, Play House
  • Payment Modes – PayPal Payment
  • Email Support –
  • Contact Number – Not Shared
  • Physical Address – Not Shared
  • Domain Age – Seven Months 18 Days, Created on 24th Aug 2021
  • Email Newsletter – Available for Subscription
  • Shipping and Delivery – The site states that they offer free shipping worldwide for items that exceed $70. Items are delivered within 24 hours after placing an order and delivery times vary from 3 days to 4 days based on the location.
  • Return and Refund Policy – Based on the Sshqt reviews The return policy is in effect for seven days. Consumers must make a claim within one week of receiving the product to obtain an entire refund. After examining the item and requesting a refund, the process begins and an email notice is sent out to customers.
  • Social Media Logos: Different logos for social media are available however, none of them are in use.

Pros of Sshqt

  • Furniture for your home that is modern and fashionable
  • The largest selection of products
  • Refund and return policy are available.

Cons of Sshqt

  • No information about the owner, address and telephone numbers were not shared
  • Not active on social media platforms.
  • Return and refund policies are strict.

Is Sshqt Legit or Scam?

It is possible to be a victim of online shopping especially if unaware of the legitimacy of the shop. Therefore, assessing and evaluating the credibility of the business and creditworthiness is essential to avoid scams. We’ve found a couple of worthy factors to mention below.

  • The age of the domain is just 7 and 1/2 months because this domain’s registration date is the 24th August 2021. Domain registration was for just one year and will expire on the 24th of August 2022.
  • The trust score of the store is at 2%, which means that the store is unsafe for online purchases. The trust rating is 48.6 percent, while the Alexa ranking isn’t available.
  • We have found no Sshqt reviews on their website. There aren’t any reviews or reviews available on the internet.
  • The store does not have an online presence on social media as well as the website has none of the owners’ names or addresses or phone numbers.
  • The shop offers inflated discounts, and has no refund or return policy.

Based on these facts it is not believed to be legitimate. A number of loopholes render the shop highly suspect and could be a fraud. Therefore, do your research prior to making a purchase at the shop.

What Are the Customer Reviews?

It was clarified earlier that there are no reviews on the internet. Furthermore, the website does not have an independent reviews section, so it isn’t allowed to post comments on reviews from customers of the store. In addition, the store does not have a presence on social media as a result of which there aren’t any comments or feedback on social media for customers to evaluate the legitimacy of the store.

If you don’t read and review unbiased reviews from other consumers It isn’t feasible to verify the creditworthiness of the product. Therefore, it’s more beneficial to study and review some comments, feedback or reviews in order to make the best purchase decision.

Don’t forget to go through the useful guidelines for identifying and notifying Credit Card Scams.

Conclusion is a brand new online store that sells furniture including swing sets, playhouses, along with a storage sheds. But, there aren’t any reviews of Sshqt to verify the claims made on the site, so it is an unwise decision to purchase in the store without knowing its authenticity. Since scams are prevalent on, looking over the guidelines on how to spot fraud PayPal Scam is vital.

Have you purchased any items from the online store? Be the first to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.