The guide contains information on the brand new Cashapp23 scam to help users be aware and ensure their safety.

Do you prefer to transfer money online through Cash App? If you’re using Cash App for sending money or for other transactions online you’ve probably been hearing about the latest advertising on radio by It’s a fake website that claims to be affiliated with Cash App, and it promises to pay customers $750 for completing the online survey. is making waves among the users of the Cash App within the United States. The users who are drawn to the ad on the radio beg the question of whether scam or legitimate.

What is is the website being talked about lately, particularly for its radio advertisement that claims that it will pay $750 to users who take the online survey. It is a clone of the famous cash-transfer application known as Cash App. It has nothing to be compared to the authentic and original app known as Cash App. has been confirmed by a number of users across America, has been confirmed by a large number of users in the United States, is a fraudulent website disguised as The website claims to give $750 cash prizes to customers who fill out the online questionnaire.

Is Cashapp23 com Scam or Legit? is a fraudulent site, and there are a lot of valid reasons to think it’s as a fraud. It is important to note that similar portals like Cashapp22 Appcash55 and many more are making headlines as well as engaging in scams with their customers in the same manner. Therefore, be aware of the websites that are scams.

  • The website redirects users to a 3rd party site that is not affiliated with the Cash App.
  • The survey participants are asked a few questions prior to taking the survey.
  • The customers are asked to finish the deals within 5-7 days in order to get their reward.
  • After you have completed the survey, an email address and personal details are requested to provide.
  • The Cashapp23 com scam begins when users are required to sign the fine print, saying that they accept the marketing email T&C and privacy policies.

These are just a few of the reasons the basis on which is deemed to be a fraud.

User’s Reactions!

Since the radio ad promises to give you a free $750 reward to complete the sponsored deals, it’s drawing a lot of attention. The most knowledgeable users are using the forum to discuss the scam.

According to people who have used the service, Cashapp23 com is a fraud and is not legitimate. scam is targeting numerous individuals, stealing their passwords, becoming the victims of their marketing emails.

The people who have confirmed it as an ad hominem scam and is not linked to the Cash App. Scammers are now using different URLs instead of Cashapp55 and Cashapp22. fraudsters are making use of to launch new scams.

Conclusion claims to give you $750 of cash on your Cash App Account when you finish their online survey. Others have urged people to stay vigilant to frauds and to make additional alerts. It is possible to go through the threads on the web before clicking on any fraudulent hyperlinks.

However, it’s an enigma however, and scam has a lot of victims across the globe.

Are you enticed by scam radio advertisements? Let us know how you responded to the advertisement in the comments box.