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Is Southwest Air Fans’ Facebook ticket giveaway fraudulent or legal? To find out if Southwest Airlines is actually running the promotion, visit the United States .

Rapidly, the Southwest scam page on Facebook is becoming popular. The scammers claim that Southwest Airlines is celebrating its 1969th anniversary by offering 2 roundtrip flights to all passengers. However, it is not true.

What was this Scam?

The scam began spreading on Facebook during the weekend of May 21, 22 and 22, 2022. This post claims that Southwest Airlines will offer two round-trip tickets to all who comment by Friday at 5 p.m. However, the news was false. The airline claimed that they were giving away two round trip tickets to Southwest Air fans (tickets titled Southwest Air Fans – 69th anniversary or 86th anniversary).

This scam is trapping many people. Later, Southwest Airlines posted a scam alert on Facebook about the real story of the free 69th- and 86th anniversary tickets. Southwest Air Fans FraudSeems to be not real and requires verification.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines was formed as an airline in 1971. There were 3 Boeing 737s that operated between 3 Texas cities: San Antonio (Dallas), Houston (Houston) and Dallas (Dallas). In 1989, the airline grew to become a major one. Southwest Airlines’ principal objective is to provide superior customer service.

Southwest Airlines is considered the safest airline on the planet and ranks in the top 15 worldwide airlines. Its low-cost prices made it very successful.

Additional Information Southwest Air Fans scam

Southwest Airlines Fans’ offer changed from free tickets to Southwest Airlines’ 69th or 86th anniversary. The scammer promised $750 to be transferred to consumers via Cash App after they registered on his website. Unknown is what will happen after this stage.

If the past is any indication, these scams often include seemingly endless survey. By submitting our personal data to a third-party, we open ourselves up for fraud. We recommend that you not provide any personal information to any survey.

How do you prevent being scammed by others?

After such Southwest Air Fans Scand scams, everyone should be cautious. Be sure to check the email and phone calls from the company to ensure that it is genuine. Do not give out your IDs, credit cards details or social security information without verifying the company’s details. Check online reviews to verify legitimacy. You can also install call blocking apps to your smartphone. Don’t open spam emails and be suspicious of those who try to scam you.


It is obvious that the Southwest Air Fans Scammpost above is not true. The scammer offered to take money from people. This is why we recommend that you beware of such scams.