This article clarifies Shaun King Scam. It gives the reader the complete story as well as interesting facts.

Scammers on the internet aren’t kind to anyone, and Shaun King is now offering a new scam. Did you know that a prominent activist is now a victim of a clothing brand scam? The clothing brand is being used by users in countries like the United States or Canada.

This article will focus on the Shaun King Scam. The scam is detailed and all details about it, as well as user reviews. Let’s now find out.

What are the details of Shaun King’s scam?

A scam involving a clothing brand made Shaun King, an activist, the focal point of media attention. Shaun King created a clothing brand in order to launch an online business. The outcome was not what he planned.

Many people have complained about the company, saying they didn’t get the clothes even though the company had been launched for 8 months. Let’s now discover the truth about the scam.

Shaun King She Views

Scam Goddess, a podcast name that is familiar to many people, won’t surprise you. Scam Goddess Laci Mosley, also known as Scam Goddess, is a popular podcaster that exposes scammers and their business. She criticizes Shaun King in a tweet.

She stated in her tweet that he is the biggest conman and most hardworking of all the scammers in the industry. Many of her fans accepted the fact that Shaun King is a fraudster and continued to scam people using his clothing line.

When is the Shaun King Scand began?

It all began in September 2021 with Shaun King’s clothing-related start-up, A Real One. The Black Lives Matter movement brought attention to the activist and many people supported him.

He stated that the clothes are 100% organic, and that all materials and seeds are purchased from blacks. He said that this business serves a purpose and supports black people’s lives.

Shaun king scam or real?

After the Scam Goddess Shaunking episode and these allegations, Shaun issues a statement to news stating that all the scam-related information is fabricated. But facts show otherwise as he deactivates accounts after being put in the spotlight.

Shaun has also been alleged to be still raising money under the name of social services. But he didn’t give any proof. While it is hard to tell if these claims are true or not but one thing is certain, Shaun King plays a dirty game.

Final Terms

Even though there is no evidence of Shaun’s Kingdom Controsoversy, the Shaunking Scam victims must be treated with the right justice.

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