Workzone Project Management
How to Choose Between Wrike Project Management vs Workzone Project Management

In terms of project management tools, Wrike and Workzone are some of the best collaboration tools. Their popularity is because they provide users with the tools needed to improve their product quality and develop an organized system for their workflows. This article compares Wrike project management vs Workzone project management in terms of their benefits, differences, and similarities. If your company is ready to begin its digital transformation journey, then it should continue reading to find out which one would fulfill the requirement. 

Wrike Overview 

Wrike software is a project management solution that allows teams to manage their work and oversee projects from beginning to end. It has several features that make it possible for large teams or multiple groups to collaborate on a project. Proper communication and navigation can help teams cover everything without any hiccups. It is a complete business collaboration tool that makes it easier to disseminate information.  


Wrike ensures teams are connected at all times and it even has a mobile application to keep remote workers in the loop. The software generates real-time reports and provides a status update on all tasks. When comparing Wrike project management vs Workzone project management, it is important to note that the former streamlines communication and customized the workflow according to the organization. The users can organize all their files in one place and edit the processes as they go along.  

Workzone Overview 

Workzone is a cloud-based software that has several project management capabilities to help users organize their projects and tasks. It can be used by managers to assign responsibilities and follow the progress of tasks for several different projects. Workzone has a dedicated template that can be used for recurring projects and it also has several customization options to help create a specific workflow.  


The managers are able to follow the progress of each project with Workzone and assign more resources to those that are falling behind. One similarity between Wrike project management vs Workzone project management is that both allow users to share their work online for approval or review. However, Workzone uses a completely different approach and gives the user a complete view of all the details. Team members can follow updates for projects from other departments as well. It generates a complete to-do list for every individual and sends automatic reminders for all tasks relevant to that person. The project management solution has been designed according to the real-world scenarios and commonly experienced challenges when working with clients.  

Pricing Plans 

When comparing Wrike project management vs Workzone project management, it is important to take pricing plans into consideration as well. Both platforms offer paid subscription plans and their details are listed below. 


Another major difference between Wrike project management vs Workzone project management is that the Wrike basic plan is free. It can host teams with an unlimited number of users and offers the standard task management features. Businesses that want more capabilities can upgrade to the professional plan that starts at $9.80 per user or the business plan that charges $24.80 per user every month. There are enterprise-level plans too starting at $45 and the most expensive plan is $60 per user month. The software has a free trial available as well so users can see what they are paying for before they strike a deal. 


Workzone pricing begins at $200 per month and the actual amount depends on the number of users on the team. The total price goes down for larger teams and there is a free trial available for interested buyers as well. 

Common Features 

Since both platforms are meant for project management, it is common for them to have similar features. It helps businesses organize their work and realign the project processes towards a more structured workflow.  

Gantt Charts 

Wrike software has an interactive Gantt chart that can be used to optimize the project planning and make sure it goes through the critical path. The feature allows users to keep track of all the details and share information with the central database. Teams are able to work with more accuracy and efficiency through the Wrike charts. 

Workzone tools also have a Gantt feature that helps users view their project schedules according to the planned timeline. They can make changes to the project and add tasks with all known risks outlined. Users can also take snapshots of the current project status and share them with their stakeholders.  


Wrike has project templates that help standardize workflows for businesses and introduces consistency in all their deliverables. They no longer have to repeat menial tasks and can save a lot of time getting projects started. These templates are customizable and help users avoid unnecessary or irrelevant tasks that drain productivity. 

Another similarity between Wrike project management vs Workzone project management is that Workzone has project templates too. They can be reused every time there is a similar task or project. Team members will be saving time because they do not have to start from scratch. It is the best option for repetitive processes and automating them can produce more accurate results.  

Which One Should You Choose? 

When making the final choice between Wrike project management vs Workzone project management, it can be difficult to pick one because both provide benefits to project teams. However, there are some functions that might not be applicable to your business, hence it is important to choose wisely. 

If you are looking for software that can help organize all project processes and help with day-to-day operations then Wrike is the most suitable option. It has project templates for customizing workflows and saves the users time they would otherwise spend on irrelevant tasks.  

Those who want a project management solution that provides visibility into all processes and displays the schedule in the form of a graphical timeline should choose Workzone tools. It has a Gantt chart which can be used to make changes to the project or task and avoid all possible risks.