Customer support has a very crucial impact when it comes to Forex trading. Not only does it give the customerconfidence regarding a point of contact, but it also removes any ad-hoc queries. Revolttg understands the importance of customer support. Revolttg review reiterates how profound their customer team is, ensuring that queries are addressed at the earliest, with minimal lag. The importance of customer support also increases as it functions in educating the customers and providing them with technical know-how.

As a customer, it is quite important to understand how we evaluate the customer support team’s success. The success metrics of the customer support team in a forex brokerage firm is very crucial – as it works as a feedback tool!

In this article we will look into the top four metrics that are used for evaluating the success of our customer support team. We shall also look at a few incidents at Revolttg, that go ahead to elaborate how the customer support team at Revolttg has enhanced customer’s value. 

Top 4 Metrics for Evaluating the Success of Customer Support Team at Revolttg

Here are the four key metrics that you should keep a watch on:

  1. Availability of the customer support team: The availability of the customer support team is quite crucial. The hours along which they are available are only going to help you to understand when to raise the query. Revolttg has their customer support team available 24/5, making it easy for raising queries.
  2. Depth of knowledge: Customer support team is the second knowledge hub for every trader. Based on every query raised, the customer support team should not only be able to resolve it, but to enhance the knowledge of the client as well. A knowledgeable customer support team gives confidence to the trader that they’re in good hands.
  3. Response time of the customer support team: Have you ever wondered how frustrating it is when the query raised by you goes into a huge line of pending queries – without getting addressed? Quick response time, during trading hours, is very crucial – as the forex market deals with financial transactions, directly. Revolttg has been quite positive when it comes to having a quick response time from its team.
  4. Professionalism in the customer support team: There might be days when the professionalism of the customer support team is truly tested. On days when the platform is not functioning properly, the customer support team must instil confidence and also remain calm.

Incident at Revolttg: Customer Support Team Saves the Day

As per the review of one of the customers: Once while he was trying to log into his Forex brokerage platform, even after multiple atoms, he was not able to login. 
It was a very crucial day since there were many open positions in his portfolio. Thanks to the customer support team at Revolttg who eliminated the technical glitch immediately and enabled him to log in to the platform.

Incidents like these tell us how important a sound customer support team is – Sign up with Revolttg today and be in the safe hands of a responsive customer support team at Revolttg.