Quinton reviews Controversy discusses his background, his age, and the subscriber counts according to the social media blade.

Quinton Kyle is the name of Quinton Hoover. Do you know the name Quinton reviews? Want to learn more about Quinton Reviews?

Quinton Review is a well-known YouTuber from the United States. His viral videos showcase his creativity and are a hit with viewers. You can read this post to find out more about Quinton Reviews and his age.

What was the latest Tweet from him?

In a Tweet from yesterday, he suggested the long-boi adventure of Nickelodeon sitcom Sam & Cat. It is a five hour YouTube video that he posted to his channel, The Saga of Sam & Cat. He shared the link to it and invited his viewers to watch as he explains everything in detail.

How many YouTube Live subscribers has he got?

Quinton Reviews Socialblade reveals that Quinton has 744,000 active subscribers as of the writing of this post. Social Blade offers global analytics on any brand, live streamer, or content creator.

Quinton Kyle Hover, aka Quinton Review, is a Woodford County, Lowa native. He was born on December 7, 1996. We do not know anything about his family as he did not mention it in any posts.

Quinton has gained fame through his reviews of TV shows and movies, especially those with negative opinions. In 2013, Quinton launched his YouTube channel with the intent of making people laugh. He also does commentary, comedy, and satire.

Quinton Review Controversy in The News?

As we all know, he made a YouTube video in an attempt to make people laugh. His controversies include:

According to online resources, Quinton was very involved in a variety of controversies in 2018. Quinton discussed his hatred for the ex-President for almost one minute. Many viewers view it as a joke and laugh at the president.

Another issue was at the end of 2018, when he mocked Twitter over Mumkey Jones. He later removed that tweet and apologized via Twitter.

Another example of Quinton Questions Controversy is where he said that every angry person is trying to imitate James Rolfe. That is similar to JonTron being a racist gamer. The joke was meant to be a sarcastic reference at JonTron’s argument with Destiny but did not reflect his racist views. He said, however that he meant it as a joke and not as a reflection of his feelings about JonTron

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Quinton Reviews, a YouTuber skilled in the United States is Quinton. He is known for sharing humorous videos on YouTube and his sarcastic commentary via social media. Quinton reviews Age is now 25 years old. You can visit Quinton Comments channel by clicking this.

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