Do you want to shop online for clothing and accessories? Is there a site that sells new clothing and accessories? The web portal has everything you need. There are many trendy products on the web portal. This webpage was created in the United States.

This P95seller Review article will provide all details regarding the product and its legitimacy. Follow the blog for more information.


This boutique is a great place to shop. You will find all the latest arrivals, trendy clothing, and accessories. You can find t-shirts and slippers as well as socks, slippers, socks, toddler classics clogs, sleevetops, Jeans. You can also find branded products from Levis and Adidas on the website. The webpage only sells the best quality products. You can choose from a variety of colours. It is important to remember Is the P95seller legit, or a scam website?

Specifications for

  • URL:
  • This Webpage was created on The Webpage has been developed on
  • Website expiration: Website expiration is 20/07/2023
  • Email Id service: [email protected]
  • Site address: No information regarding the exact location of the website can be found on the portal.
  • Shipping details It usually takes between 7-9 days to ship an order.
  • Free Shipping: The web portal offers free shipping for orders over $35
  • Standard delivery service According to HTML5_ P95seller Review HTML5_, there is no information on the standard delivery service.
  • Call the number: There is no contact number on its website.
  • Name and address of a web designer: The web portal does not provide any information about the name of the web designer.
  • Social media websites: No logos for social sites are accessible on the portal.
  • Return Service: This company offers return service for its orders.
  • Payment Modes:PayPal.

The positive aspects of –

  • It mentioned its email ID for customer service.
  • It offers free delivery on all orders.

The negative aspects of

  • It does not mention logos for social media sites.

Is P95seller Legit Or a Scam Website?

Although the shopping site sells a variety of accessories and fashionable products, it is important to confirm its legitimacy as an online portal. These points will help you determine its legitimacy:

  • The domain was introduced onThe Webpage was created on 20/07/2022.
  • Trust rate: The trust rating of this web portal is terrible, at 1%.
  • Copy rate for The Webpage has a copy rate of 0%.
  • Discount Rate: There is no information about the discount percentage on their web portal.
  • Email Account: The email address for the Webpage is valid.
  • Social platform logos According to P95seller Review, no logos for social sites are currently available on the web portal.
  • Webpage Address: No information is available about the site’s location.
  • Order: The Webpage does not provide any details about the exchange service.
  • Return cost No details about the return shipping charges are available.
  • Alexa rank The Alexa global ranking of this web portal is #1716324.
  • Cancellation method:
  • Refund time: The amount is refunded to the buyer according to their payment method.
  • Terms: There are many pages on the web portal that provide information about policies.

P95seller Reviews:

There are no product reviews on the website’s homepage. The website ranks #1716324 in Alexa’s global rankings. The website does not have any logos on social platforms, and there are no reviews available on online portals and social media sites.


This portal does not have any experience selling products online. It does not have any buyers for its products. According to P95seller Review, the web portal doesn’t have any social media site logos and there are no reviews on social platforms. This webpage appears vulnerable, so customers should be cautious with such portals.