Is famous model Mekia Cox pregnant? The News is going around the globe of glamour. The recent tweet on Father’s Day has triggered speculations about Mekia’s baby.

The News was also shared with Cox’s fans across Canada and the United States and Canada. Therefore, we searched for reliable details regarding the speculation about Mekia Cox.

Let’s get started on finding the truth about pregnant Mekia Cox.

The Most Recent Twitter Image

Our research has revealed that after the picture was posted via Mekia’s own personal “Twitter” profile, followers speculated about Mekia’s pregnancy.

A few days ago when the internet was abuzz, fans shared an heartfelt photo of Mekia with her family. It caused everyone to consider the issue. According to our sources, there’s not a formal statement coming from the Mekia relatives or even directly from Mekia’s.

But, Mekia is a very well-known and well-known model as well as actress in the world of entertainment. Mekia was married in 2018 to another famous model Britt Leach. The couple have a three year old daughter.

Mekia Cox is Really Pregnant

The tweet that Mekia posted on Twitter recently Mekia led to speculation over her pregnancy. However, as we’ve found out there’s no confirmation from the side of Mekia.

Our sources are trying to locate other sources that are official for the model. According to our sources on Mekia’s other social media accounts , such as “Instagram” There isn’t any information or pictures that could hint at Mekia’s pregnancy.

Based on our analysis of the actress’s “Instagram” account there are 557 posts. The posts focus on the actress’s upcoming films and other images. On Instagram Mekia has an 81k following.

The Debate Is Mekia Cox Pregnant?

The speculation is causing an ongoing controversy over Mekia. According to our research, lots of people are seeking out the true details of the situation. They want a clear assertion from Mekia.

As we have conducted our own research regarding this speculation we haven’t found any details or evidence. Even from Mekia’s point of view there’s no proof until the data is available.

This is the reason why many believe that the News does not have a basis. In other sources in the media and online source, this actress acknowledged the matter.

Therefore, there is no confirmation on Mekia Cox is Is Pregnant and if she is.

feedback from Fandom

Our investigation also reveals what the reaction of supporters. Many of them believed that the picture posted on”Twitter” was not true “Twitter” account did not reveal anything concerning the pregnant actress’s status.

Our research shows it is that News is trending since some people ask asking questions about Mekia’s pregnancy via social media. This is why the News has been spreading so widely.


We can finally draw from internet’s research that our own research can’t uncover any evidence or assertion that supports Mekia is awaiting.

We also search for additional sources through the web as well as social media information. We come to an conclusion: the news about pregnant Mekia Cox the News is not true.