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NBA Ball Stars APK is a fast-paced sports game from Netmarble. You will have an All-Star squad, bringing together the most famous names of the basketball sports. Are you ready to hit the ball?

Introduce about NBA Ball Stars

Play with your favorite NBA Stars

What’s new in NBA Ball Stars compared to current basketball games?

The topic of basketball is all too familiar to us. And today, NBA Ball Stars has brought a new flavor to the sports game industry.

NBA Ball Stars is not just a basketball battle game like you have ever seen or played, but a high-speed basketball game with all the world superstar names. Not only do you immerse yourself in the character you have chosen, play your best in each match, but also have the opportunity to admire the amazing range of skills and spectacular ball moves that have ever been seen only in TV.

Usually in other basketball games, you are just one of the stars of the team, with your available squad to play and score. And often things just stop at small matches that slowly increase the difficulty to create excitement for players. But with NBA Ball Stars, not only at national and world-class matches, but the game also gives you a unique experience before.

You have a new role, more interests but also heavier responsibilities

Do you know yet? In NBA Ball Stars, you will be the captain of one of the most popular basketball teams of the National Basketball Association. You require a larger vision and many other important, macroscopic tasks than a mere team member. You take charge of the squad to play, choose a squad according to strategy, choose a tournament for the team to join with other players (or with the AI ​​of the system).

And when you’re truly talented enough, famous enough, world-famous names like Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Steph Curry and many other great players are ready to join your squad.

You and the NBA team go together throughout the process

Not only are these short-term roles above, but NBA Ball Stars also shows you a process of helping a team grow. You will practice with your teammates, improve attack and defense skills, divide roles, squad according to the abilities and strengths of each star in your team.

When in a match, what does the captain need to do? Modify your team formation when situations arise, reassign a line-up to maximize attack and defense skills, lock opponents, and disable enemy attacks. Finally, together with your teammates perform a series of spectacular moves and send the ball into the opponent’s basket as fast as lightning.

After each match, you also have a few more tasks to do including reviewing the pros and cons of the team you just played, and planning for the next team matches.

Don’t forget to transfer players to the team. Attracting young talent will bring new energy and opportunities to your team. Of course, with them you need more time and patience, but what they bring in the future is really worth it.


If you are still worried about playing in NBA Ball Stars, you can rest assured. Because the game is equipped with a training course for the player. Including specific and detailed instructions so that you can understand the tactics, the basketball line-ups, what elements are needed, the basic and advanced techniques of the team, the training steps.

Manipulation is simply to select, drag the member icon to move to a new position when lining up, and touch the screen for the character’s move. Playing football as a captain is not as difficult as you think. The difficulty lies in the tactical brainstorming parts above.

Graphics and sound

The approach is different from other basketball games, but in terms of graphics and sound, NBA Ball Stars is not inferior. Still the characters are 3D humanized, you can see and recognize the players in real life. The matches are also carefully designed and detailed, eye-catching.

You will enjoy attractive sound effects from crowds of fans and endless applause. The excellent ball phase is always supplemented with an explosive echo that makes the atmosphere of the game always burning.

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Is there any reason not to try NBA Ball Stars, bro? If you love basketball, please download this game to play right here.