Rival Stars Horse Racing

If you are a horse racing enthusiast, you cannot ignore Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK, the sports game of PIKPOK that allows you to raise horses, horse racing and join many other exciting activities.

Introduce about Rival Stars Horse Racing

Horse racing is a popular sport in many countries such as the United States, Australia and some European countries. Of course, it cannot be compared to football or basketball, but horse racing also gives viewers the drama and attraction on each track. Horse racing is often accompanied by a wide range of betting services. Therefore, the prize money for this sport is quite large. If you want to be a horse racer, today ModCanyon introduces you to a game called Rival Stars Horse Racing.

This game was released by PIKPOK, a quite famous company. They always try to provide players with quality content and images. If you’ve played Into the Dead 2, you probably already know them.


Of course, as an athlete, you need to control your horse, beat other players to become the final finish. Rival Stars Horse Racing races are held in Flat Racing format. You race on a flat, obstacle-free track that challenges the endurance and speed of horses and athletes.

About controls, on the left side of the screen there are two arrow keys. You swipe to the sides (in the left half) to control the horse to move in the same direction. The right side of your screen consists of a virtual key to help you speed up and a virtual key to slow you down. Look at the energy bar above the screen, if you need to accelerate quickly during the decisive stages of the race keep the energy bar full and hold on the Sprint key. To fill up the energy bar faster, use the Slow Down button to give your horse take a breath a few seconds after the sprints.

Of course, you can’t rest if you are being left behind by your opponents. To see behind, the virtual button with the camera icon will help you change the viewing angle. You should also observe the minimap at the top of the screen to see the distance between you and the closest opponent, the remaining distance of the race.

Take care and train your horse

At the beginning of the game, I bought a horse named The Spirit for 1000 coins. This is the cheapest horse in the game, and it has been your best friend for quite a while for you to get acquainted with Rival Stars Horse Racing.

Your horse will level up and increase its stats after each race wins. You can also increase each stat type by hiring a trainer to train your horse. However, while in training, you cannot use that horse for races.

Join tournaments with online players

Rival Stars Horse Racing offers you a variety of modes for you to improve your abilities. Complete your athlete career in Story Mode, where you adventure across Europe’s races to conquer championships.

Online mode is where you compete against other players. Invite your friends and see who is the winner. For your advantage, you should have a good horse that has gone through a lot of training.

Expand the horse “family”

Not only unlocking horses with bonuses after each race, but Rival Stars Horse Racing also gives you an extremely interesting mechanism. You can breed two horses you have to create a new breed with superior stats for speed, endurance and morale.

Rival Stars Horse Racing commits to players that every horse you create is unique. They have the completely separate appearance, characteristics, stats, and pedigree history. That shows they developed this game in great detail.

Rival Stars Horse Racing

Graphics and sound

Rival Stars Horse Racing takes you to a beautiful suburb with a detailed and sharply designed landscape. This is arguably the most realistic horse racing game available for Android. The rural landscape appeared authentically. You can clearly feel the speed and vibration when sitting on a horse. The sound part is also very impressive. Commentator’s words pretty much match what happened on the track.

MOD APK version of Rival Stars Horse Racing

MOD feature

Weak Opponents: If you easily beat your opponents when they are always left behind.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK for Android

Rival Stars Horse Racing is probably the most detailed horse racing game you can find on Google Play. It offers a wide range of activities for you to participate in. Besides, you are also allowed to customize your athlete in terms of outfit, face, hair, skin color.