SEGA POCKET CLUB MANAGER APK is a football management simulation game from Japanese developer SakaTsuku. In the game, you are a manager for one football team. Let’s see what we can do with power in hand.

Love football, but with a cold head and a hot heart

There has always been a strong love for football in you. But besides that, you’ve always been curious about how a football club runs and works in real life. SEGA POCKET CLUB MANAGER gives you all the answers.

You are a young manager of the famous soccer club. Of course, you have power, but with a lot of responsibility. You are the one who guides the young players, supervises the player training process, decides the team’s strategy in each match. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the strategy of transferring players, promoting and helping the club do business effectively.

Not yet. You are also the one who maintains the overall quality of the club’s activities, while always looking for ways to improve and upgrade the club’s image in many ways.

The role of a talented manager in big matches

You will accompany your team in international tournaments. But now you are not directly involved in the match, as a real footballer is often seen in classic sports games. You are behind the scenes, continuously improving your game score with tactical, strategic, and human decisions.

As for your team, all of them are impressive names from the big players in real life, with the number of up to 2000. Which players will you choose? Talented young players or the world’s top superstars? It is important to choose players that fit the team’s overall strategy, helping them to quickly settle in and make an impact on your club.

Player with big head design, very funny look

The second special feature of SEGA POCKET CLUB MANAGER is also from the design of “big head”. High-profile players get very funny in the club uniforms you manage. All have an oversized head. This is both the highlight of the game, in a satirical, witty way, which I guess is also the developer’s own intention to help players easily follow, name and remember the players.

The number of 2000 people is not a small number and of course, it will be difficult to remember names if the players look small and similar.

Thanks to that, the matches are also fun, reducing the stress and inhibition in a competitive game. They can still compete to steal the ball, coordinate, score like any player, like Ronaldo or Messi.

Your main task when going into each match is to choose the formation, strategy, players according to the thought strategy, bringing the team closer to the championship.

SEGA POCKET CLUB MANAGER’s fun is not only unique, witty design, but also has a special feature that will amaze you. That feature Camera Footie Face. You take a picture of your face or import photos of your friends to turn into big-head players in the game.

That’s why a lot of people, after playing, cannot delete the SEGA POCKET CLUB MANAGER icon from their phone. It is beautiful in a funny way, both shallow, easy to understand and easy to play, but it contains many deep perspectives about the profession of managing a football club.

Managers actually have hundreds of jobs per day

And that’s just the little excitement that comes from big games. As a club manager, you have 1001 jobs to do. For players, the club is a place to help them develop their talent and have a name in their football career. CAs for a club manager like you, a good player, a lot of skills, good coaching … just temporary achievements. Your club can not last forever without the following side jobs:

  • Club upgrades: including the community of fans, finding potential players, maintaining quality, and refreshing the team in a scientific way.
  • Stadium upgrading: This is also a great way to promote the club. Also a great excuse to call in giant investors to come to your club. In terms of importance, it is second only to the club upgrade.
  • Track, unify and observe the whole process from finding talent, to training players, playing on the field. You need to recruit many professionals to handle each aspect of the club’s activities. But it all has to follow a unified path, in which you decide. In the big jobs of a club manager, in my opinion, this is the part that makes you feel the most headache. If you can do it, you seem to have a lot of qualities to be a future manager, in real life.

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The game has bright and energetic colors. Character creation is humorous, witty and very cute. Instructions in the game appear neat, easy to understand and read. The music is very modern and exciting, especially when it comes to the football matches on the field. Come on, let’s try your managerial skills. Download the game Sega Pocket Club Manager here!