Nicotine salt e-liquids are found in a disposable vape as well as e-liquids a person can buy from their vape shop. They tend to be referred to as Nic Salts. The reason why these are different is that they ensure there is a more event spread of nicotine through your body when you vape with this liquid and users experience more quickly that nicotine intake. It also gives a less harsh experience at the back of the throat when you take a hit and you can get high amounts of nicotine.

Exploring the growing popularity of Nic Salts

Vaping continues to evolve from new developments in the technology itself to also changes in the vape juice or e-liquids on offer. With continued innovation vapers have more options and makers are more able to appeal to more people. As well as seeing things like sub-ohm vaping or the popularity of pod systems, these kinds of developments means it is always worth checking something out to see if it works better for you now.

Nic salts were actually first developed courtesy of PAX Labs and have grown in popularity, especially with a disposable vape where they can then get the bigger nicotine hit and better vaping experience. People do not have to compromise on the experience they are looking for when using a smaller, more portable vaping device. There is better absorption because of the benzoic acid that is used in the nic salts.

Exploring both Nicotine salt and freebase nicotine

There are some pretty basic differences between the two substances that come down to how they are produced on what impact they have on the person vaping with them. Here is a closer look.

Nicotine Salt – Made up of nicotine as it is found naturally in the tobacco leaf but then has benzoic acid added to make it easier to vape and be better absorbed by your body. The absorption rate of nic salts is more even than with freebase nicotine and the experience for some is better because it is a lot less harsh on the throat.  

Freebase Nicotine – For a lot of years this was the go to e-liquid or vape juice for vapers. The reason this is a harsher hit though is that the pH of this liquid is higher. However, this also means that when heated it is a lot more potent than nic salts. Because it was around first it is a lot more prevalent in shops and products around the world.


There are some occasions where you might prefer to use Freebase Nicotine e-liquids to vape with and sometimes nic salts might work better. It also comes down to what is your choice. Just try each type and see what you think of the experience. The type of strength you want is also a contributing deciding factor. If you are still not sure or you need more information talk to the experts at your local vape shop or go online and join a vaping community. You can get a lot of information and support as you discover all the options there are when it comes to vaping.