LED UFO Lights

The LED high bay lights are the best-LED lighting system for use in the warehouses as they have several benefits. These LEDs last 50 times more than the traditional lights. The LED light manufacturers use the best quality LED chips to provide the brightest LED UFO lights. So, if any warehouse needs an up-gradation of the lighting system, then these LED UFO lights are the best. These lights are comparatively less expensive but are highly efficient and durable.

This is why you should use UFO High Bay lights for the High Ceilings

There are several benefits of UFO high bay light in comparison to the fluorescent, metal halide, or other conventional high bay lights. If you want to understand the reasons why these lights are so widely used in the commercial and the industrial setups, you can go through the points mentioned below:


These lights require less amount of energy to create the same lumens in comparison to their counterparts. The common wattages of these HID lights vary from 200 watts to 1000 watts. These are much higher than the LED high bay lights that range somewhere between 95 watts and 495 watts. Therefore, you can save a significant amount which can go up to 70%. Again, you can also save on utility costs if you pair up smart sensors with these UFO lights. Choosing these lights for the planet is great. If you have a warehouse, you can certainly opt for LED warehouse lighting.

These lights are both durable and long-lasting

These lights are highly durable and they can stand up to the abuse in the workplace. These lights are IP65 rated and are also considered to be maintenance-free for at least 50,000 hours. They have impact-resistant tempered glass, die-cast aluminum housing, and a durable black powder court to save these lights from heavy dust, corrosion, heat, water, and other challenging weather conditions. They are quite difficult to break and shatter and therefore, frequent replacements are not required.

Installing them is also quite easy

This is also easy to use and install. Along with this lightning, comes a hanging ring that makes it quite easy to install. If you want, you can also mount this light on the ceiling using a hook. You can therefore choose the best installation method depending on the indoor space. It will be good for you to check the hanging installation and the bracket installation of the manufacturer before you proceed with the installation.

It is quite safe

The UFO LED lights are much better than the HID counterparts in terms of safety. They do not generate or emit heat, mercury, or UV. Therefore, you will be able to keep your facility cool. But this is not possible with the traditional light fixtures. Moreover, these LED lights are also eco-friendly as you do need metal halide, mercury, and lead to manufacturing them. These high bay lights are also much more soothing to the eyes because they do not flicker like the other lightning solutions. This is therefore ideal for use in applications that need frequent on and off cycling.

LED UFO Lights

The light gets evenly distributed

These lights can distribute the lights evenly on the intended surface and they also deliver a level of performance and quality that you can trust. They have a multi-point design that guarantees the right kind of visibility in every corner of your space. This also increases workers’ productivity as there is no room for dissatisfaction. You can also get high bay LED shop lights.