The act of striking the right balance between your professional life and your personal life is a notoriously difficult thing to achieve. Everyone has different ideas on what the ideal state of this balance should be, and this is further muddied by the fact that different jobs offer varying levels of flexibility, further reinforcing the idea that no two situations are the same.

Advice in these circumstances is difficult to find, and you might find it more beneficial to look inward and understand what you yourself want out of this balance. The first step might be learning to disconnect from work in the first place and successfully keeping these two worlds apart so that when the time comes to relax, you can do so easily and effectively.

  1. Have Something to Look Forward to

In the throes of the working week, when you find yourself struggling to overcome the piles of inconveniences and difficulties you find yourself facing, it helps to have a distant beacon to look towards. Regardless of whether it’s the weekend approaching or something in a month’s time, knowing that you’ll be somewhere you want to be with work nowhere in your mind can help you to deal with the problems you’re facing more effectively. 

The nature of this event is entirely up to you. It could be something as simple as a meal with your family members, but you might fancy something a bit more grand to take your mind off work. Getting your hands on some Broadway tickets for you and your like-minded friends might have the right effect, as would a holiday booking for the not-too-distant future. 

  1. Take Some Time Off

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed and unable to think of anything other than work, even during your free time, it might be time to take some time off and truly connect with what you enjoy as a person. While some people feel incredibly passionate about their professional lives, it’s important to remember that that isn’t all that you are, and getting back in touch with smaller things, like your hobbies, could remind you of that. 

This could also be a good opportunity to change scenery, take yourself somewhere far away from where you live, and work to remind yourself of how much bigger the world is than it can sometimes seem when work is your focus.

  1. See Your Friends

When something is plaguing your mind, it can be difficult to simply stop thinking about it, especially if you’re by yourself in an empty house. In this case, you might find that spending time with your friends provides you with the reprieve that you’re looking for, giving you an opportunity to shamelessly spend time unproductively with people who make you laugh and smile.

In any case, being reminded of what’s important to you can help you to reset and readjust your work/life balance. That might mean recognizing that your job causes you too much stress, leading you to look for employment elsewhere.