Do you want to learn more about the poster for collaboration? Are you interested in knowing about the dates announced for the exhibition? If so, then read on to find out more.

Numerous Manga or Anime fans from United States are eager to take part in the events and exhibition of the Jojo Skytree Collaboration. Participants are searching for the exact date and time of the events.

The following article outlines the venues and tickets for exhibitions concerning JOJO 10-year anniversary celebrations.About The Offline Event: JOJO Anniversary

Official website for the Jojo Bizarre Adventure and an upcoming event. The event will be held in 2022, in the summer. Find out more details about the venue and the date of the event.

  • The dates for the event are beginning on May 10th 2022 until 9th August 2022
  • The venue for the exhibition is Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
  • The location for the anniversary celebration is Tokyo, Japan, in the Tembo Galleria and on the deck
  • Cost of a ticket to Anniversary2700 yen plus tax
  • Cost of a ticket to the music encyclopedia – 1650 yen, including tax.
  • Collaborating anime: sky tree and stone ocean
  • Site to promote JOJO 10th anniversaryeventhttp://www. Tokyo.GP/events
  • Website for the exhibition-

Brief About Jojo’s Adventure

The Jojo Bizarre Adventure is an Anime known as an animated series. The show focuses on the story of adventure that has resurfaced within the family to battle the monsters and build an energy generation.

Since 2012, the series has received a lot of reviews and spoilers for the upcoming episodes. The summer season of the show has produced an updated poster for the partnership between Jojo adventures with the various metal characters to celebrate the 10th anniversary. The offline celebration following the pandemic has turned into an obsession with teenagers!

Below are more details about the new characters being unveiled in Jojo’s the 10th anniversary.

New Characters Revealed In Anniversary Project.

Following the adoption of Hirohito prior to the 10th anniversary project the trailer for the show was released on April 4th. But, new characters were announced in the coming year. The announcements from the all-star fight include the posters of new characters from the show.

A video featuring the six characters featured as a special edition was the inspiration for the show and the songs of the show.

Inclusions For An Anniversary Celebration

The events celebrating the 10th anniversary included:

  • A music center.
  • Encyclopedia hall.
  • Different poster exhibitions.
  • Project opening for display.

Date for JOJO 10th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary project is set to begin on April 4th, 2022. According to on the websites of the organization, an exhibit and other events have revealed the posters for collaboration. The Joestar franchise was chosen by Jonathan.


In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive overview of Jojo adventure. It also provides the information including time, date and other important details required for the most recent news event.