This news article highlights the Istanbul Tourist Scam and offers tips to help travellers avoid it.

Did you ever fall for a scam when visiting a tourist destination? After you get to know them, we’ll be discussing a similar tourist scam in Istanbul. Tourists from the United States reported similar experiences on their Istanbul trip and outlined different scams that occur there. It is important to be careful when visiting Istanbul. The Istanbul Tourist Scam article will be discussed below.

What are the latest news?

The Istanbul scam in which locals extort tourists is the topic of this news. Here are some examples of scams. The shoe polishing fraud is the first. This involves older men cleaning your shoes. But it’s not that simple. First they make unfriendly gestures, then they clean your shoes and demand a large amount of money. The second is the drink-offering fraud that claims he is your friend. Avoid these people and keep active.

Important points about Istanbul Tourist Fraud

  • Istanbul is known for many scams, due to the high number of tourists that visit it every peak season. This is one way to make money and they can extend at any level.
  • Some restaurants may keep food on the tables until you order. Do not mistakenly believe that all food is free. The club will charge a fee for these.
  • Istanbul is full of frauds. Anyone with any knowledge of Turkey must find out all details before they go to Istanbul.

Details of Istanbul Tourist Scam

Istanbul has a taxi scam that charges a large amount, even though you travel less. The currency scam is another scam. In return for purchasing expensive items, tourists are charged in Euros and not Liras. You might be better off using cash than an ATM.

Scams do not stop at these. There are many carpet scams that promise to ship the carpets to you and then charge you a fee. However, you will never receive those carpets. The wallet stealing scam is the most popular scam among all the Istanbul Tourist Scams. When traveling, it is essential to be alert.

Information about the Istanbul scam is available to those who want more detail .

Final Endering

Istanbul is a beautiful city and one of the safest. However, it is important to be aware of frauds that may occur while on vacation. What are your thoughts on the Istanbul Tourist Scam? Do you have any memories of Istanbul? Please leave a comment below.