Many traders are worried about the minimum deposit required for trading. This concept has practically disappeared with the appearance of cent accounts. Working with cents allows to reduce volume of opening deals while the market remains unchanged. Forex companies usually offer several types of accounts. Esperio Broker has 4 of them and they all have different trading conditions. We will consider the recommended amount of funds for each and explain why you should start trading with this amount.

Deposit for a standard Esperio Broker account

The standard type of account is quite popular. It is a balanced solution that suits most of the trading community. An extensive list of tools and high leverage allows clients to realize their full potential. The minimum transaction size on a standard Esperio Forex account is 0.01. Opening a deal with leverage of 1:1000 will require 1 dollar of ensuring. Such an amount can be considered minimal, but you must understand that a few points and the position will be closed by stop-out. In Esperio Broker reviews it is recommended to work with at least 100 times the amount. In this case, it is possible to apply relatively adequate management where about 10% of the capital will be used for such a transaction.

Esperio Forex cent account deposit

Esperio Broker uses a simple algorithm for cents accounts — the working lot is reduced by 100 times, respectively, and the volume of transactions can be calculated in cents. It turns out that only a few cents are enough to open a minimum position of 0.01 cent lot. This simplifies the work of traders with small deposits, but the trading conditions for full-fledged trading are slightly worse than on accounts with larger volumes. The cent account is most often used in the following areas:

  • Strategy testing.
  • Evaluation of the work results of any trading advisor.
  • Getting to know the broker and his trading conditions.

It is also recommended to switch to a cent account for beginners after a demo account and only then to a regular one. Moreover, sometimes you can find recommendations to work immediately on a cent account since the risks are minimal. Esperio Forex reviews say novice traders have lost interest in demo accounts and immediately start working with cents.

Deposit for Esperio Invest trading account

Not only trading is developing at Esperio Forex. There is also an investment direction and a particular type of account for this purpose. It offers many stock tools (shares, indices and bonds). But a significant difference characterizes the seriousness of the investor’s path — the absence of leverage. A trader must have enough funds in their account to buy shares. Everything depends on how much one share costs and how many are in one lot. These two parameters determine the minimum deposit for the Invest account at Esperio Broker. The more expensive the share is, the more funds will be required to purchase. There is no influence of losses on free funds because it is simply absent without leverage.

Deposit for MT5 ECN account

The standard lot on this trading account is the usual amount of 100,000 units of the base currency, while the minimum step is 0.01 lot. This means that traders with deposits of $100-200 can work with relative compliance with risk management rules. Generally, this type of account is mainly focused on active traders and has the most attractive conditions for scalping. Previously, the problem was the lack of an opportunity to open opposite positions for one tool due to the features of the MT5 platform. But this shortcoming was corrected, and now the new platform is in no way inferior to the famous 4th version.

Esperio Broker reviews about the recommended deposit amount

It is necessary to determine the minimum volume for smooth trading to find out the optimal size of the deposit. Accordingly, everything that is larger than your minimum amount of money will be optimal. An indicator of the minimum transaction volume is required for calculations. It is 0.01 of a standard lot in most cases. At the same time, a risk of no more than 3% is assumed for the transaction. The average distance to the stop order is usually 50-100 points. Certain conclusions can be drawn from these data — it will be possible to fully comply with the risk control recommendations with a deposit of $170-$340.

If we are talking about a cent account in Esperio Forex, we divide the amount by 100 and get about $2-4. Of course, the more significant the deposit is, the lower is the risk with the same order volumes.