Do you know what cross-platform mobile applications are? And why are companies adopting them? Read this post to get your questions answered.

There is nothing new if we say mobile applications are becoming the needs of every human being! If any business wants to grow, it must have its application on the most widely used platforms like the Google Playstore and the App Store.

When it comes to mobile app development, you can choose to go around either of the following methods:

1. Cross-Platform Development

2. Native Development

Basically cross-platform app development is the most time and cost-effective solution. To be specific, it is a process of developing an application which can be fit for both platforms!

Let’s see what cross-platform mobile applications are!

So, What are Cross-Platform Mobile Applications?

A cross-platform mobile application is equal to a software application which can run on multiple platforms or devices. They are also known as Hybrid apps.

For Hybrid apps, you do not need to code it differently according to the platform. You just have to code it once, and you will be able to run it on any operating system and update it later.

There are many such hybrid apps which are leading the Playstore as well as the App Store! For your information, the app Instagram is the most popular Hybrid app example worldwide! If you also want to create a hybrid app like Instagram, you can choose a company with proven best hybrid app development services!

Why Choose Cross-Platform for your Next Mobile App Development Project?

A clear answer to this question is that it makes the task easier for the developers. Before, the developers had to waste their time by working out two separate codes of the same app meant for different platforms!

It supports numerous frameworks. Few of the many are:

  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • Sencha

Look at this comparative Statista report which states that the usage of frameworks like Flutter, React Native and Ionic is increasing with the passing year!

Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development:

Advancement in technology has changed the role of mobile applications. Many enterprises are turning their business online and for that they are in need of a best mobile app development company. Hybrid app development services providers.

  • Code Reusability

One Code, Many apps – Cross-Platform Mobile App Development’

Hybrid app development services have brought a new change in mobile app development. This is the significant benefit of cross-platform app development.

It allows developers to reuse the written code up to 50% to 60%. This means that the developers are spared from rewriting the code from scratch every time!

·       Cost Effectiveness

Every growing business tries its level best to make as much money as possible by offering its best products and services to their customers. So, how much does developing an app cost? The entire cost of developing software or an app relies on different factors. For example, the time of development, maintainability, resources required, etc.

If we look at the generic reports, a project’s maintenance accounts for 30% more of the total cost of a whole project! The maintenance cost in cross-platform development is comparatively low. Because of the common codebase, which empowers you to code and debug easily at once!

  • Easy Maintenance

Of course, if there is a single code rather than multiple, it will be easier to maintain!

The maintenance part becomes easier because you do not need to maintain all codes separately in cross-platform mobile app development!

It is easier to maintain and deploy code as changes are made. The app can promptly sync updates all over the device or on every platform.

Hence, it saves money plus time! Moreover, if there’s a bug in that common codebase, it only needs to be fixed once!

  • Uniformity

Do you know why the UI/UX of an app are essential? As it determines the popularity of that particular application. An app’s interface can encourage the users to follow repeatable patterns that help them navigate the site easily!

Also, uniformity is the key to increasing engagement and increasing chances of conversion. Whether you have an eCommerce app or a social media app, being consistent can make the difference.

It is the reason why people go for hybrid app development.

  • Shorter Time to Market

As we said, cross-platform is all about coding it once, and using it twice or more! It allows the developer to save time for developing and thereby reduces the marketing time.

Also, when you want to get some features updated, it is way easy for the developer to make a change in a single code. It helps deliver the product more smoothly than the competitors by improving customer engagement.

  • Greater Reach to Audience

Cross-platform increases the ability to address greater market potential as well as addresses the audience regardless of the device they are using.

By using it, your business will be able to reach a larger audience in less time!

When a developer starts coding for one single application individually for every platform, it will consume more time. But with cross-platform app development developers will code for all platforms together. Hence, the app will be available faster on Android or iOS or Windows or on any other platform.

This is how it will reach out to more audiences in less time!


This is the time to get started with cross-platform mobile app development! It is becoming mobile app developers’ first choice because it is nothing but a time, cost and effort-effective solution!

You know cross-platform tools are likely to duplicate the performance of native apps? But don’t worry you can control this by hiring a good and experienced app developer. He understands the little differences between native and cross-platform development. Hence, if you want to launch a highly reliable mobile application you should hire skilled and experienced cross-platform app developers from well known companies like Excellent Webworld!