Justin Roiland has been at it again: the head (and voice) behind Rick and Morty, and his team at Squanch Games will release their next game, High On Life, later this year. After a 6-week delay, the comedic take on an FPS is set to hit shelves in December. First announced at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase in June, High On Life recently got the new official release date along with a brand-new batch of gameplay footage revealed at Gamescom. Fans of Roiland’s work are already hyped up for this absurd oddball of an FPS with a slimy twist.

A new release date for Squanch Games’ latest title

High On Life, the sci-fi shooter by Squanch Games is underway. The game development studio founded by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, previously developed the comedic video games Accounting and Trover Saves the Universe, both of which featured Roiland’s unique wacky style and crude humor. High On Life will pick up the mantle and take players for an absurd FPS ride into a biopunk alien world. While the title was originally slated for an October release, the developers pushed the launch to December 13, 2022, giving the team more time (as they put it) “to squash some bugs”. The game will be an Xbox and PC exclusive at launch and will be coming to Xbox and PC Game Pass on day one. Featuring Roiland’s iconic voice talent as well as the same humor and mannerisms Rick and Morty is known and loved for, High On Life has gamers hyped after new gameplay footage was revealed at Gamescom.

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Chatty guns and gloopy globs in a biopunk galaxy

High On Life takes players into a vibrant sci-fi universe, where aliens use humans as drugs to literally get high on life. As a human bounty hunter, it’s your mission to free the humans and take down the alien cartel, one boss at a time. On your adventure, you’ll have an arsenal of weapons, which aren’t really guns but actually mouthy sentient beings called Gatlians. They don’t just shoot gloopy globs or even their own freakish alien offspring, they also comment on anything you do or should do and won’t shy away from repeatedly expressing their absurd opinions and lust for blood. With Roiland’s iconic voice giving them their unique scratchy ring, players might easily think it’s Morty himself when they’re not looking at the screen. Facing slimy aliens and murderous bugs with these chatty and sometimes aggravating weapon companions, players embark on a gooey adventure in this comedic FPS. 

Rick and Morty’s humor in a new world

Coming from the co-creator of Rick and Morty himself, High On Life features the beloved slimy aesthetics, crude humor, and iconic voices from the show. It might as well take place within the Rick and Morty universe fans around the world love. However, the game will be set in its own galaxy with its own unique characters. It does, however, play on the immense success of Rick and Morty, and will surely attract a lot of fans of the animated series once it releases. The Adult Swim comedy sitcom has been making waves around the globe, captivating viewers with its unique oddball characters. 

They have long surpassed the confines of TVs and jumped into the world of games. Just recently, they entered the stage as playable characters within Warner Bros.’ hit fighter game MultiVersus, where players can put Morty up against the likes of Superman, Bugs Bunny, or Arya Stark. Roiland’s characters can even be found on the reels of a modern online slot machine, which is available at online casinos around the world. Proving Rick and Morty’s immense international acclaim, even a variety of online casinos in Saudi Arabia, which have been tested and reviewed by experts for players from the region, feature the vibrant slot machine Rick and Morty Megaways within their extensive libraries of casino games. With that, there are many ways to jump into the wacky world co-created by Roiland, and High On Life is set to offer fans a new universe to explore. 

High On Life by Squanch Games will hit Xbox and PC on December 13, bringing fans of Roiland’s adult comedy a wacky FPS in a vibrant alien world. Players will be in for a wild ride filled with mouthy weapons, peculiar characters, and Roiland’s iconic humor.