Have you heard about severe winter weather that has affected the daily lives of residents living in the North American city? If yes, then read this comprehensive article that explains all relevant details associated with weather and the impact it has on.

The people from Canada Are shocked by the extreme snowfalls in recent years that limits their mobility. The extreme intensity of the weather has a negative impact on all social activities as well as transportation options. Read on to find out more about how much Snow on the streets of Ottawa.

About Ottawa Snowfall

The storm and the heavy snowfall began to bring massive snow all over the Ottawa area. The weather service announced a record 41 centimeters in snow around Ottawa International Airport. Ottawa International Airport on January 17th 2022. The massive snowfall also includes the the top ten snowfalls ever recorded in Ottawa.

The ongoing, unstoppable snowfalls have blocked many major roads and highways, which has slowed the mobility of the community. Additionally, because of the extreme snowfall and the storm that occurred, temperatures also fell significantly, which resulted in extreme colder weather than previous years.

How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa

  • The Twitter account of Ottawa weather records reported an accumulation of 45cm snow on the 17th, 2022. The account on Twitter is run by a historian and forecaster, Rolf Campbell.
  • The record of 45 cm is believed to be the snowiest January 17th in 1873.
  • With the constant and unstoppable snowfalls in Ottawa, Environment Canadahas estimated a high probability for snowfall of 50 centimeters.
  • The Environment Department has warned residents of the blizzard warning at around 9:15 am.

More information about Ottawa Snowfall

  • The ongoing snowfall and sandstorm has temporarily curtailed social activities in Ottawa. Learn on How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa?
  • Tim Tierney, who heads the Ottawa transportation committee, has taken on a variety of initiatives to clear roads as well as cycling trails and sidewalks in order to facilitate the flow of traffic and pedestrians.
  • Road director of Ottawa Quentin Levesque informed the media that snow clearing teams are planning to begin snow removal process across all parking and residential streets at the end of the day.
  • A ban on parking on streets will be in place from 7pm on January 17th 2022 until 7 8 pm on January 18th 2022. The ban is designed to accelerate the process of clearing snow. Guess How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa?
  • All road clearing crews are fully equipped and working to clear the path of transport in the earliest time possible.
  • All snow clearing team members and operators have been immunized to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19. Local government officials are determined to clear the snow as soon as possible.


Extreme snowfall and snowstorms create an uneasy situation for residents, as the snow blocks routes and pathways, limiting the most common methods of transportation.