The story of the teenage girl and her twin sister who were training to be soldiers in the Army National Guard has been widely reported. Unfortunately, the young trainee is gone! Alyssa’s twin sister Brianna was also enrolled as trainees at Fort Jackson U.S.Army Training Center.

This news report on Guard National Soldier Das , contains the sad story about Alyssa Cahoon a 17 year-old soldier who fell unconscious while she was completing physical training in United States.

When Did This Happen

Alyssa and Brianna, the twins, were both certified and joined basic combat training provided by the 1st Battalion 34th Regiment (South Carolina). Alyssa died after falling during training on August 20. The Emergency Medical Services took her to an out-of-base hospital and she later died on August 25.

While reporting the news on their Facebook page, they did not include details about Guard National Soldier Dies. “We regret to announce that PFC Alyssa Cahoon passed away.” According to a Facebook post, her family was present at her bedside when she died last night, on August 25, 2022. Brigadier-General Patrick R. Michaelis, who oversees the U.S. Army Training Site in Fort Jackson, expressed his sympathy to Alyssa’s family and a teammate. He said that they are trying to offer comfort and assistance to anyone who is affected. They didn’t provide any other information. The Army is now investigating the tragic death. The information will soon be updated by the investigation team.

More On Guard National Soldier Dies:

Alyssa was a fresh recruit in Pennsylvania. Brianna was also a fresh recruit. They were both photographed in a photo posted to the regiment’s facebook page last month. They are identified as 42A HR Specialists. The regiment regularly recruits new batch members at Fort Jackson. Both sisters posed side-by-side wearing camouflage uniforms. You can see more pictures of them using rifles, and there is a video. Susan Cahoon (their mother) liked their photos and thanked regiment for publishing them. The twins became a big hit on social media.

Both her family and her coworkers were shocked by the Guard Army National Soldier Dies. However, they couldn’t be reached after their sudden deaths. The Army also has not provided any further details.


In closing, we inform our readers about the sad passing of a young South Carolina recruit at Fort Jackson. We have also updated our readers about the latest information.

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