1. Human Hair Bob wigs:

Human hair bob wigs look undetectable but they need to maintain properly for a longer span of life. Human hair bob wigs need to be maintained and washed by following some precautions so their strand can stay new and healthy. Human hair bob wigs change your dull and tame appearance into new and bold as bob provides a unique charm to your look. 

If you wanna buy human hair bob wigs then no other option is best than a luvmehair. Go to luvmehair, you’ll have a wide variety of human hair bob wigs. These wigs ensure longer life, no shedding, and tangling, and stay like new even after several uses. Luvmehair human hair bob wigs are super affordable and anyone can opt for them.

Washing precautions:

Let’s talk about the washing precautions for human hair bob wigs.

When and how to wash?

  • Human hair bob wigs should be washed before wearing them for better results. This way it becomes more gentle and easy to style because it comes with a coating of conditioner that needs to be washed off for proper styling.
  • Wash your human hair wig when it seems lifeless, dull, and hard to style. Then wash your bob wig with good quality products.
  • For washing human hair bob wigs, you need a premium quality shampoo and conditioner that is made to wash human hair wigs.
  • You can wash your human hair bob wig once a week if you’ve worn it for a whole week or wash the wig after at least wearing it ten times.

Conditioning and drying:

  • Don’t forget to apply, a deep conditioner after washing the human hair bob wig. The deep conditioner nourishes the hair strands deeply and makes them soft and smooth. But remember to apply the conditioner on just hair strands not to cap and roots.
  • You can also use hair serums for human hair bob wigs for extra shine and softness. It makes the styling process much easy and lovely to feel.
  • For drying the human hair bob wig you should go for the air drying method.


  • Before styling the human hair bob wigs, you need to spray the mist over it and blow dry the front and top of the human hair bob wigs and then style the wig for better results. 
  • For styling the human hair bob wig you can use heat equipment because it smooths the cuticles and brings shine and softness to hair. But don’t forget to use a heat protection spray before using heat on human hair bob wig.

2. Deep wave:

Waves look flattering and deep waves look pleasant to see. The high density, fullness, and thickness of deep waves make them more appealing and dreamy to opt for. Deep waves are best to replace thin hair. Luvmehair has human hair-made deep wave hair that is affordable, has great texture, and is easy to maintain. Luvmehair ensures the long life span of the deep wave because of its premium material and high volume and density.

Maintenance of deep wave:

Let’s learn about the maintenance of deep waves so you can make your investment value for a longer time.

  • You shouldn’t wear the deep wave hair while sleeping but if you’re wearing it then don’t sleep on a cotton pillowcase and cotton sheet because it brings resistance and vanish the shine and glow from deep waves.
  • Rather than this you should prefer silk pillowcases or cover your head with a silk scarf or satin bonnets. 
  • Always cover your deep wave hair with a silk scarf when you do a workout or go out in a dusty area.
  • Be careful while brushing the deep wave because lack of care can make the curls lose their pattern. For brushing the deep wave, always use a wide toothcomb and avoid using a simple comb or paddle brush. 
  • Another tip to brush the deep waves is that should start from the tips and then go towards the roots while brushing gently.
  • If your deep wave has loosened its curls after several uses don’t worry. Use a curling iron or plastic curlers to bring them back in shape. Use a curling iron at medium heat. These will help you to bring the waves back in shape.

Must follow these deep wave maintenance tips and enjoy the luxurious waves.

3. 4×4 closure wig:

The 4×4 closure wig comes with a temple-to-temple installation. It gives you 4 inches of lace from the front and 4 inches of closure from the back. The 4×4 closure wig is versatile and easy to install and maintain. Luvmehair 4×4 closure wigs are available in different types. They are made of human hair and provide a flawless look. If you’ve got a 4×4 closure wig then you must know the proper method to wash it.

Washing process:

Let’s learn the washing process of a 4×4 closure wig.

  • Firstly, you need to detangle your 4×4 closure wig before washing it. For detangling the wig you can use a wide-tooth comb and ensure that hairs are tangles-free and ready to wash.
  • Take lukewarm water and wet the 4×4 closure wig.
  • Now apply a high-quality shampoo that is free of harsh ingredients like parabens and sulfates. Don’t rub the 4×4 closure wig while washing.
  • Gently wash the wig to ensure there’s no dirt left.
  • Rinse the shampoo out and apply a good amount of conditioner to the 4×4 closure wig. You can also use a deep conditioner for high ended results. But don’t apply conditioner on roots or wig cap.
  • Again rinse the 4×4 closure wig with clean water. Don’t twist the wig to remove water but you can put it on the wig stand and it is time to dry the wig.
  • Let the 4×4 closure wig air dry for better results and then style the wig when it’s completely dry.