Are you a lover or a fan of Eleceed Manga series? Are you aware of the most recent chapter Chapter 175? Are you curious to know more? If so, you may like to read this article.

Eleceed is a well-known manga series that is available both in Korean in addition to English. Fans of the Eleceed manga all over the world are always looking for the most up-to-date chapter releases and spoilers. In this article we will look at the most recent Eleceed Chapter 175.

What is Eleceed?

The manga Eleceed was created by his artist ZHENA. The manga is available in Korean dialect through Naver’s Naver Webtoon website and English as well as Korean on the Webtoon website and application. The 2nd of October, 2018 the manga’s first chapter was published through the Korean Naver website.

The series follows Jiwoo Seo’s adventure and journey as he discovers a brand new world filled with people who have special skills. After spending the majority of his time hiding his talents, his encounter with Kayden is a chance to discover an entirely different world that has different kinds of laws.

Before learning the details of Eleceed Chapter 175 Let us review the Chapter 174 that we last read.

Eleceed Chapter 174

The story begins in Chapter 174. Julien finds himself in awe when Julien discovers that the awakener Association’s chief is who is younger than Julien. He thinks it’s because the master of the Awakener Organization is a young woman, and their qualifications must be very poor. In his presentation, Julien reveals that he along with his grandfather are headed to Korea.

In the final section, Julien begins to question whether the vow she’s so concerned about reaffirming is due to Jiwoo. While playing cool, Jiwoo is clearly upset due to this.

Eleceed Chapter 175

The chapter 175, Julian stated that as long as Jiwoo is able to strike him, he will consider it as a loss. He does not say this out of pride but because of his position as we’ve witnessed that he is quite humble and friendly.

Jiwoo tried to set an explosive shot, but when the fight started Jiwoo rushed for Julian and smacked him across the face with all his force and speed before Julian could react. Jiwoo was declared as the winner. Jiwoo tricked Julian as well as his grandfather to believe that his primary power was lightning.

As shown as seen Eleceed Chapter 175, Julian officially lost the battle. However, despite being smashed by Jiwoo’s maximum force however, he did not suffer physical injuries. Jiwoo’s speed is so high that it has wiped out the rest of the crowd, even the Klein brothers and the Duke. This is a proof of Julian’s strength.

Jiwoo is also summoning lightning only the second time with no speed, as seen at the beginning of the battle. This may be a sign that Jiwoo will be able enhance his arsenal in the near future, possibly with lightning attacks that are ranged.


Chapter 175 in Chapter 175 of the Eleceed manga is very fascinating. Although Jiwoo’s victory doesn’t appear to be a to be fair, we’ll be able to see the consequences of the battle in the next chapter.