A reality show or fictional series can really impact your thinking and provide an immense value in it. You may be fascinated by certain characters, or even consider incorporating their style of dressing in your daily life.

If you’re one those fans who are truly devoted who love the show, you might be curious to know the reason why a character has taken off on the TV show. There are many living in America. United States who are unsure about what caused Eve quit to join the Queens ,and we’re here to answer those questions for you.

What is “Queens?”

It’s a musical serial that airs in the United States, in which there is a battle depicted of four women who stopped playing the music industry in their teens but found a way to revive the genre in their late 40s. The show is that is based on character from 1990s, so, viewers love watching a drama they can easily identify with.

The characters have the following names like Jill, Brianna, Naomi and Valera. This is the four women whose struggles are depicted in the drama. However, recently, it made its way to the forefront of news when people asked What made Eve leave the Queens.

Who is Eve in Queen?

Eve is the character Brianna on the Queen Drama. The role reveals the character that embodies a lady who renounced her life in order to become a housewife and mother. She got married to a professor at a college and lived an ordinary life.

A twist or turn came in her life, when she was reunited with her best friend and girls who were interested in music. Then she started her music career after having a lapse in her earlier life. The result was that Eve took on the Brianna part for her role on the Queens Show, which has been currently being discussed by the public.

Why Did Eve Leave the Queens?

The huge fan base of Queen are keen to find out what transpired to Eve who left Queen in the middle-of-the-road and broke her friends’ hearts. However, according to reports and the post on Instagram it appears that she has not quit the show but she is being on the maternity leave.

In the month of October in 2021 she shared on Instagram she was expecting and expecting to deliver their first baby in February.

Thus, she is taking maternity leave because she wishes to enjoy this amazing moment together with family. Therefore, the question why did Eve quit the Queens is not the case as she is taking pregnant leave.

Prospects of the “Queen”

According to McGhee who is the creator of the show you can be able to feel her presence on the show because there’s something extra special for viewers. She hasn’t left the show, so she will be shown in the upcoming episodes.

Note: The information presented are based solely on research conducted by the internet.


Queen has left viewers in awe, as there is a massive struggle for four women trying to find a way to bring back their passion for music. The women are also giving their hearts and souls, but recently there was a controversy why Eve quit the Queens.