If you want to make a kegerator yourself – buy a kegerator kit. With this equipment, you can easily turn your old refrigerator into a full-fledged beer dispenser.

Read on to know how to assemble such equipment, how much it costs, and where to buy it.

Can You Build Your Own Kegerator?

Yes, you can easily convert your refrigerator into a convenient kegerator. 

To do this, you do not need to hire a craftsman or have any specific knowledge. You only need a couple of tools and a kegerator kit.

Kegerator will keep your beverage chilled at all times.

What Do I Need to Make My Own Kegerator and How Does It Cost?

As you have already understood, to make your own kegerator, you just need to buy a quality kegerator kit.

Unlike ready-made kegerators, which are pretty pricey (from CAD1500 and above), building your own equipment will help you to avoid that high price.

So the simplest kit, which includes a primary CO2 regulator with pressure meters, a keg connector, two serrated clamps, and a thermoplastic vinyl hose can cost about CAD150. Ten times cheaper than buying ready-made equipment!

Of course, you can choose a more expensive option, which will include more components.

For example, a kegerator conversion kit with a beer tower for 1 beer line will cost about CAD240.

It includes:

  • Primary CO2 regulator
  • American-style beer tower, 1 tap
  • Connector for stainless steel keg
  • Drip tray
  • Mixer
  • Shank
  • Vinyl tubes
  • Tap key
  • Serrated clamps

To understand which kit will best suit your tasks, answer the following questions:

  1. How many beer lines must be connected to the kegerator? You can choose from one to 5 beer lines (each of these lines will dispense a separate type of beer).
  2. Which type of gas do you want: CO2 or nitrogen? (Depends on the type of beer. For example, nitro-beer like Guinness needs nitrogen).
  3. Which barrel type suits you: standard or Cornelius?

Not sure you know the right answers to these questions? Then visit the Beverage Craft website. 

Here you will be helped to choose the right kit to create your own kegerator, as well as you will be taught to use it.

Beverage Craft is your right choice for home or commercial brewing!