Check out the story of a case brought against the new NC congressional district lines and the implication Doctrine independent state legislature.

Did you also know that the supreme Court agreed to hear the case regarding the Independent State Legislature(ISL), doctrine within the United States. The ISL gave each state legislature the power to determine the method, place, and timing of an election.

But, the new congressional line lines are controversial as they could have an impact on the number of votes that a candidate gets. If the new congressional lines are adopted, it is possible that other state legislatures will come up. Let’s take a look at Doctrine Unified State Legislature.

State Legislature Theory

The Supreme Court accepted to hear Moore V. Harper’s case. This challenged the North Carolina legislature’s decision to draw the new congressional district lines. This case is seeking to have the supreme courts stop drawing the new congressional division lines.

The federal constitution gives the power to the state legislature various factors related fem elections without interfering with other state officials and state constitutions. This makes the case difficult. In 2020, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas stated that they would embrace the theory and its consequences.

Independent State Legislature theory doctrine

Independent State Legislature doctrine allows the state legislature to make decisions about various factors that affect presidential and congressional elections. North Carolina’s state legislature has created a new map which is in direct contradiction to the law on election that has been in force for over 200 years.

History Of Independent State Legislature doctrine:

Bush v. Gore was 2000’s victory. The Independent State Legislature doctrine was used. Trump supporters wanted to invoke the ISL during the 2020 presidential elections to declassify Arizona voters. The ISL was not invoked.

Doctrine Independent State Legislature odds:

However, ISL theory had been established by years of research as well as historical data. This is also what Justice Barrett said in 2020. Justice Barrett gave no opinion about the ISL and the case. Everyone looks forward to Justice Barrett’s comments on this.

Modifications to ISL are extremely sensitive because they could affect the entire process of federal election. Even governors are not able to veto Doctrine independent State Legislature nor the state laws about elections. This includes by ballot initiative and citizens. Please be aware that the data was gathered from various sources and we do not support or condemn anyone.


The ISL decision will have a nationwide impact, specifically on federal elections. Although the ISL Article I gives only powers to the state legislature provides a greater scope. It states that if a state legislature fails in its duties, it cannot delegate those powers to any federal agency or election officer.

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