The world is stunned that Dr Zelenko has died on 30th June 2022. Read our How Did Zelenko Die post to find out more.

You may not know that doctors also receive noble awards for their charitable works and contributions to society. Dr Zelenko was among those doctors who worked night and day to treat as many Coronavirus Pandemic victims as possible. Dr Zelenko developed an experimental outpatient treatment which helped thousands of patients across the globe. Dr Zelenko is a US citizen. We have a detailed article on How Dr Zelenko died.

Uncertain Doctor Cause of Death

Dr Zelenko, who died 30 June 2022, was buried in the Polish capital. Research indicates that Dr. Zelenko’s death may have been caused by a lengthy battle with dangerous cancers. According to the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, his circumstances had changed so much that he was fighting his own death.

Jack, Human Events’ top editorialist, said Dr Zelenko had passed away after a four-year battle with a rare form of cancer. He discovered that his situation was fatal in 2018.


In the wake Zelenko death many of his friends and supporters have shared their condolences via social media. Jenna Ellis from News Max wrote, “I’m sorry about the loss of my good friend.” Dr Zelenko believed in medical liberty and helped hundreds of COVID victims.

Lavern Gingerr, a Republican candidate in Congress, tweeted, “Rest in peace Dr Zev Zelenko. We will always remember his enormous impact.

Details About The COVID-19 Debate

Orthodox medical expert Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko is believed to have informed Trump about two controversial Malaria drugs in March 2020. Dr Zelenko Diedrecently. Later, he was accused to have spread false information about what an infection cost.

Zelenko said he had treated coronavirus successfully while also selling a drug blend. He said that he will be leaving the Jewish community as a doctor, having been there for so long.

Zelenko posted a video saying that he would move out of Kiryas-Jol until the COVID pandemic. Research has revealed that the video was posted from Yeshiva World News (an Orthodox news source).

The incident occurred after he was accused in the village of making angry people by spreading false information regarding the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Kiryas Joel.

Dr Vladimir Zelenko LINKEDIN

Federal Prosecutors examined his claims to the FDA that he had conducted a study on the drug he wanted to sell.

Kiryas, the chief of the nearby area, informed him that he was incorrect in the letter. Zelenko’s plan was not supported by almost all medical establishments, he claimed.


Many people became aware of Dr Zelenko’s Zelenko treatment for COVID-19. Many, many people were saved by the “Zelenko Protocol”. He won the respect of many of world’s most powerful persons, including the US president, because he was nominated as a Nobel Prize winner. Do you have any additional information on How Did Dr Zelenko Death? Feel free to leave comments.