Bob Saget, a famous American stand-up comedian actor, host of a television show and actor, passed away on the 9th of January, 2022. His family, friends , and his fans around the worldare in shock and in denial due to the sudden passing of his father. However, his wife Kelly Rizzo, and her three daughters have recently won the lawsuit.

In the past, Kelly Rizzo also posted an Instagram video Instagram and expressed her thoughts. In this article, we’ll look at the things Bob Saget’s wife has to say about it.

Legal action for autopsy

In the course of autopsy and investigation, a few video and graphic images were taken. Also, audio recordings were recorded. media have requested release of these. Recently, Kelly Rizzo and her 3 daughters have been awarded a settlement concerning the release of recording and graphic information due to the fact that the judge placed an indefinite ban on postmortem report.

On March 14,2022, the court hearing took place in Orlando where the judge imposed an indefinite ban was enforced as requested by the Saget’s family. The lawsuit seeks to block the release of the investigation report and postmortem videos.

Bob Saget’s Wife Post on Instagram

Saget expressed her feelings of gratitude to the world by sharing an Instagram post. A lot of people shared their stories with Kelly and she’s grateful to everyone who helped her share their experiences. In the meantime, she informed her Instagram family that she’s doing her best to respond to comments and connect with the people.

She would like to share with everyone how thankful and grateful she is for all the those have contributed to assist her through this tough time. The generosity of people into her difficult circumstances have made things a little simpler for her to deal with, she added.

The only thing that has helped Bob Saget’s Wife is watching everyone is in love with Bob because this outpouring of love is something she can’t imagine anyone else has ever witnessed.

How did Bob Saget die?

The final and original death report for a comedian actor, actor and television host has been released by Florida police. Orange Sheriff’s Office county shared the details of comedian Saget’s post-mortem on Tuesday. According to the reports, Bob was suffering from an injury to his skull’s base, and due to this, he had blood clots all over the brain.

The injury broke the orbital bones that form the front part of his skull. According to our research on the Bob Saget Wife, the medical doctor said that the injury likely resulted from something that was hard, but was covered by something soft, such as falling into a carpeted floor.


Bob Saget was a very well-known comedian. His death has resulted in a huge grievance for his loved ones. The reason for his death is believed as a fractured skull. The wife of the deceased, Kelly Rizzo, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the love and support she received through a difficult moment.