Hello, readers. In this post, we’re going to look at one of the most significant companies that provide medical laboratory services situated in Canada.

There are a variety of booking options online on the site of Lifelabs. But do you know what’s happening at the firm that is famous for its top medical laboratory services? Are you aware of the reason this strike occurred? We should know more about the reason for this strike.

The Lifelabs Strike is being held because of a long-running dispute over contract terms with employers that couldn’t be solved by the employers.

What’s LifeLabs?

It is an Canadian company which has been operating for more than 50 years. The company conducts over 112 million test the year to detect the presence of a disease or prevent infections. They offer standard LabTesting Genetic, Naturopathic, and Genetic Testing.

Why is it featured in The news?

Workers at British Columbia LifeLabs have decided to launch a planned demonstration against the company in the month of March 18th, 2022 starting at 7. p.m. The Lifelabs Strike notice has been sent to the company on Tuesday. Lifelabs strike notification was delivered by the firm on Tuesday, by the union representation of employees of this firm.

This occurred following the absence of results from the negotiations which was held for the past three days. The demands of the employees are straightforward and clear: they will not be working over the clock. Around 150 workers are expected to join the protest.

The issue of payment is the primary problem at the employee’s side. They would like the company to eliminate the gap in wage. However, the company states that all financial regulations were followed prior to the present refusal by employees of overtime.

Short Description of Lifelabs Strike

The reason is that employees at the company receive (4.5 to 13.5) percent less than the public sector for the same job and they are performing their job without a contract, and they are demanding fairness, while the company claims the reverse.

The strike affects personnel from the mailroom and courier divisions of LifeLabs. The President of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union stated that despite the efforts of its employees, the firm was not prepared to pay the living wage to its employees. The union tried negotiation, but we didn’t achieve any results. We have to take the Lifelabs Strike.


Q.1 Can users who are not from the area use the service offered through LifeLabs?

A.1No, you won’t be capable of accessing its service in other countries since the company’s office or headquarters within Canada exclusively.

Q.2 Why do people employed in this business not paid enough?

A.3People work there since it is a well-known firm, and is classified to be an important service for the state.

“The Final Word”

The quality of service offered by the firm is excellent However, the problem of negotiations about payment is the primary reason behind the the LifeLabs strike.