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Are you aware of the Nuclear War which occurred years ago? Are you curious about this topic. If so, you should read this article to gain some knowledge.

Nuclear War incites fear across the globe. It is not surprising that countries such as the United States, Canada Germany, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom have a lot of nuclear weapons. Recent research has shown that this kind of nuclear war was not possible long ago. The Ancient Harappan Nuclear War is the subject of this article.

Nuclear War that Was Felled in The Ancient Harappan Civilization

From the Hiroshima or Nagasaki World War II, we know about the destruction caused by the Nuclear War. The world we live in is one where the most powerful countries brag about their atomic capabilities.

Recent excavations discovered skeletons scattered around the cities Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro. Some were holding hands while others sprawled, as though some terrible thing had happened and everyone died.

Talking about the Ancient Harappan Nuclear War we can see that these skeletons date back thousands of year. We have to ask why the earthworms and bot that had already died did not consume these bodies. How come wild animals are able to eat these bodies, etc. It was not possible to see any marks on the body that could indicate violence.

Soviet Russia’s scholar found a skeleton with radioactivity 50 times higher than the actual level. Many evidence of an explosion at great intensity have been found in India and other countries. One city lies between the Rajmahal & the Ganges.

There are more Ancient Harappan Nuclear War

Lonar Crater can be found in India, 400 km away from Bombay. This area is approximately 50,000 year old. According to researchers, there have been signs of Nuclear Wars in this area.

The evidence of Nuclear War is evident in Rajasthan’s Rampa Empire. In Rajasthan’s Western region, there was a site where radioactive ash was found in thick layers. Long ago, the area of Thar desert was part the Indus Valley.

It was a place where children were born with deformities. This was shut down by India’s Government.

Why Ancient Harappan Nuclear War The Latest In News

Kisari Ganguli, an historian, says the Indian scriptures are rich in this type of instance for Nuclear War.

In today’s world where the power of a country is determined by how many nuclear weapons it has, the evidence of nuclear activity from the ancient past is remarkable. Therefore, this news is on the rise.


Based on extensive internet research, we attempt to depict the Ancient Harappan Nuclear War. Is Nuclear War to blame for the destructions of civilizations like Harappa/Mohenjo-Daro.

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