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Nicolasnet Review is a detailed review of a website that sells household appliances. You can also learn about the legitimacy and features of

Are you looking to purchase household utility online in the United Kingdom Would you prefer to shop from a website offering thousands of products to choose? Would you prefer to shop multiple items from one site, in order to save time, track your purchases and get additional discounts? Would you prefer a website which delivers your orders quickly? has such options. Let’s check its authenticity in Nicolasnet Review.

Brief: sells a wide array of household utilities.

  • Toys,
  • Cleaners,
  • Lighting,
  • Musical instruments
  • Kitchen gadgets,
  • Accessories and Video Games
  • Furniture,
  • Watches,
  • Exercise equipment, etc.

FAQs contradicts’s physical address in the Contact Us> section. Similar to the conflicted payment of Stripe and free shipping, also mentioned in FAQs.

The reviews of customers included on the website were taken from This clears as it contains copied content. Nicolasnet is not focused on customers due to its missing mission statement.

Features determining Is Nicolasnet Legit:

  • Buy household utilities at:
  • Social media Links –unspecified from Nicolasnet.
  • Price:PS31.20 up to PS825.97
  • Address:24 Holborn Viaduct London, EC1A2BN and 26, George St. Durham England-DH65DR.
  • Nicolasnet offers support for customer reviews, and blogs.
  • Privacy policy Plagiarized on Nicolasnet.
  • Terms and conditions:Plagiarized from Nicolasnet.
  • Phone or whatsapp number:On Nicolasnet it’s the only number that is mentioned. It’s +44(786)876-945
  • Store Locator:Nicolasnet failed to mention the address of its physical stores.
  • Help & FAQ: present at Nicolasnet.
  • Delivery Policies: household utilities delivered within seven days. These are considered to determine is Nicolasnet Legit .
  • Shipping Policy Nicolasnet ships an order within 48Hrs via FedEx or DHL.
  • Cancellation Policy: Nicolasnet allows cancellation before dispatch.
  • Tracking: possible on
  • Return PolicyNicolasnet gives you 30 days to return the items.
  • Resstocking Fee:Nicolasnet is charged a 10% fee for restocking.
  • Exchange of items: Nicolasnet customer assistance must be contacted for exchanges.
  • Returns Policy: Nicolasnet refunded the order amount within seven working days of the initial payment method.
  • Email address: [email protected].
  • Modes of Payment:via Discover MasterCard MasterCard Amex Visa and PayPal in Sterling Pounds.
  • Newsletters: Nicolasnet publishes newsletters.


  • Nicolasnet offers extra discounts of up to 20% when you buy more items
  • Nicolasnet Detailed product specifications, descriptions and photos
  • Nicolasnet offers free delivery on all orders
  • Nicolasnet has a user-friendly interface that allows for searching, sorting, filtering criteria.
  • Nicolasnet offers a wide variety of 59.016 items


  • Nicolasnet delivers and operates in the UK only
  • Two different physical addresses have been found on fraudulent websites
  • Nicolasnet’s poor logic permits users to order innumerable quantities of the exact same product
  • An additional shipping charge of PS4.99 is added to the order.
  • PayPal isn’t available for payment at the checkout

Is Legit?

  • Nicolasnet Creation: 5th December 2021 at 3:41:12.
  • Nicolasnet: age six months and eighteen days.
  • Nicolasnet last update: 5 December 2021, 3:54.
  • Nicolasnet Expiry: 5th December 2022 at 3:41:12.
  • Nicolasnet’s life expectancy:expires five months later than the original date and is valid for twenty-eight more days.
  • Trust Index Nicolasnet reached an 8% terrible confidence index.
  • Business RankingNicolasnet was ranked 48.7% lower than the average.
  • The place of origin wasNicolasnet, which was registered in America.
  • Status for Blacklisting Nicolasnet was not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status IP. The IP SSL cert is valid until the next 174.
  • Risk Profile:18%.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 33%.
  • Phishing Score18%
  • Malware Score15%
  • Spam Score0%
  • Contact person :unspecified on Nicolasnet
  • Connection Security –Nicolasnet uses secure and valid HTTPS protocols.
  • Nicolasnet Review – Social relations: Nicolasnet doesn’t appear on social media websites.
  • Owner’s contact information and Identity:censored at Nicolasnet.

Customers Reviews – is being criticized by two websites. charges Credit Card payments . ranks Zero in Alexa.

There are no product reviews yet on A few general customer reviews at were rated 5-stars. However, they have been copied from other websites.

Many customers did not discuss services offered by, suggesting that they are less trustworthy. Nicolasnet did not have any reviews on YouTube or social networks.


Nicolasnet review concludes it is a scam. Nicolasnet failed to score well on Trust, Alexa, Ranking. Nicolasnet did not score well on the Spam profile. However, it had high Malware scores and Suspicion scores. Nicolasnet registration will soon expire. is not recommended without receipts on the internet. Nicolasnet can accept PayPal payments.