A Global Guide to mixing and matching Italian suiting style

We know you have a huge challenge in wearing the perfect suit depending on the occasion you plan to visit. It is important to have a detailed guide to make the look perfect. 

The most important rule for men’s fashion is that they should feel confident and comfortable. We will share secrets to pulling off the perfect Italian Suiting with mix and match styling. There is no second thought that Italians take pride and care in what they wear. 

This would be why they have a professional and stylish look throughout the year. 

What is an Italian Suiting?

Italian is a premium and genuine fabric that originated in Italy. This is a great choice for formal events and occasions where you want to dress professionally. Some common traits that you will ‌notice in Italian suits are:

  • Flapless pockets 
  • High Gorge 
  • Slim and Clean Silhouette 
  • Ventless Jackets 
  • Higher button stance

The main motive of the tailor is to stitch a clean suit with no wrinkles. This is more of a casual suit that is worn in warm climates. People go for light-weighted fabrics and unstructured jackets that have a close fit. Many people choose some interesting materials, color combinations, and unique cuts depending on their taste in fashion.  

What is the perfect body type for Italian Suiting?

Some people are conscious about what they are wearing, making it vital to dress up in the right fashion style. It is important to know the best something that suits your body frame. Let us look at ‌choosing the Italian suit based on it:

  • Average: You must go for a slimmer fit with modernized details. 
  • Short and Thin: They are considered ideal body frames to carry perfect Italian Suiting shirting. It blends with your frame. The jacket also gives you a slightly taller experience. 
  • Tall and Thin: The slim features of the Italian suiting work well with a thin frame. You can choose a regular length of jackets. 
  • Big and Tall: You might want to opt for American and British suits as they bring out your features perfectly. 
  • Short and Heavy: It requires proper fitting and comfort while wearing. It is better to switch to British suits if you do not have the right tailor. 
  • Heavyset: Italian suits are not made for bigger guys. Their fit and style are not sympathetic to the big body frames. 
  • Tall: The shorter jacket and the higher gorge aim to provide a heightened look that tall men might not require. It is better to go for British suits. 
  • Thin: This is perfect for Italian suits as the cuts perfectly reveal their personality. 

How to mix and match with your Italian suits?

Color Contrasts 

To work perfectly with Italian suits, you must have contrasting colors for your jacket and pants. Never limit yourself. Be confident to carry amazing color combinations. You might want to have hues of the same color which might look good. 

Avoid Mixing Fits

This is the worst mistake you might want to avoid while dressing in a suit. It will make your body appear disproportionate and uncomfortable to wear. Sometimes a slim-fit jacket and pants might go hand-in-hand, but this might not be right for regular and slim suiting. 

Be confident about yourself

If you are trying something new, people will have eyes on you when you change your appearance and notice them closely. Be sure about your looks and explain your choices to the ones that have doubts about the attire. It is important to make them understand that you have intentionally mixed and matched your outfit to create a new fashion statement. 

Consistency in Fabrics 

Whether you wear custom-tailored suits or get them from the rack, it is important to ensure they match the fabrics’ quality. There is no point in matching a low-quality material with Chantilly lace, as it will just make the combination worst. 

Know the occasions 

If you have a colorful personality, do not overdo too much with the fabric combination. Experiment more often to land on the perfect blend for the occasion. Like in the business environment or formal events, you need to have subtle color combinations of grey, black, or blue.

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How Italian Suiting gives you a perfect look?

  • The Perfect Combination 

Italian suits steal people’s hearts with the best combination of blue and brown. These two colors are ideal: a white shirt, light blue jacket and pants, and brown tie and shoes. 

  • Go for Bold Colors 

When compared with the British suits that have sunken monotones, the Italian suiting is more of combining the opposite shades to give a good sharpness. They have introduced the freedom to enjoy the colors. 

  • Get ideal ties

This is an important part of the garments that gives life to your suit. All you need to avoid is combining fluorescent colors with Italian fashion. Match the fabric with your handkerchief. Make sure to have a standard style based on your visiting occasions. 

  • Accessorize the suit 

Avoid doing excessive accessories as that is not the typical styling method. But there is always a space for moderate accessories to give you the right touch and avoid affecting the whole look. Adding a label pin matching the color of the suit makes a great impression. 

  • Button on Sleeves 

Many tailored Italian suits have button-able sleeves that are not just decorative pieces. Italians like to roll up their sleeves sometimes. 

  • Wide collar and natural shoulder 

In emphasizing Italian fashion, it is important to focus on the choice of shirt. The Italian Suiting shirting is more elegant and comfortable.  Get a wide-angle collar ‌opens up wide to give you a relaxed and softer feeling. 

The shape of the shoulder in jackets is natural and follows the shape of the shoulder without exaggerating it with pads. This gives you ease of movement as it is connected naturally with the sleeves. 

The Final Tip!

The men’s elegance with the Italian suiting carries small details during the tailoring techniques and fabric choices. Go for your favorite colors. Never compromise with the fabric quality and own the personality to wear the attire confidentially.