Regular vacuum cleaning is important for the maintenance of your woollen rug. Although your woollen rug might shed some fibres naturally, still you should stay vigilant and notice whether the shedding is excessive. With regular vacuum cleaning, you will notice a remarkable reduction in the shedding of wool fibres from your rug. Also, you will experience improvement in the texture of your rug. 

Along with vacuum cleaning, you can also hire wool rug cleaning services from professional firms so that the experts will clean your woollen rug efficiently and refresh it. However, if you decide to clean your woollen rug at home, then here are a few tips for you. You can follow the steps given below to get a clean and fresh woollen rug.  

 Shake your rug to get the dirt out-

Take your woollen rug outside and hang it on a sturdy bar, porch railing, or strong chairs. You can use a broom, rug beater, or a tennis racket to hit the rug and loosen dirt that is embedded deeply in the rug fibres.

Also, you can remove the rug pad and shake it to deep clean the rug.

Vacuum clean the rug-

Lay the rug on your deck or patio and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Flip the rug and clean it from the other side.  

Use a gentle detergent solution-

Fill a bucket with cool water and add two teaspoons of gentle detergent and mix it well. Clean your woollen rug with a cloth and let it dry completely. 

Scrub your rug gently-

You can dip a sponge in the cleaning solution and scrub it on your rug gently. Do not over-wet the fibres as woollen rugs might take a long time to dry.  

Blot the moisture-

You can blot the cleaned area with old towels for absorbing any excess moisture. You can repeat the steps till you have blotted the complete surface.

Let the rug dry-

After wool rug cleaning, a rug must dry completely. You can enhance the air circulation of your room to make sure that the rug is dried completely. Also, you can use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the rug fibres. 

How to ensure woollen rug stain removal?

Here are some tips which can be useful every time you want to clean stains and spots from your rugs-

  • Do not rub rigorously- Never rub a stain when it is fresh. Instead, you can blot it with paper towels or with a cotton cloth.  
  • Dab stain remover- Never apply stain remover directly on your wool rugs. You can consider placing a dab of rug cleaner on a white cloth and then applying it gently to the rug. 
  • Do not use bleach- Avoid applying chlorine bleach for rug stain removal as it can damage the wool permanently.

For more useful tips, tricks and suggestions about rug cleaning connect with us right away and we will be happy to help you.