This article will discuss the Legitquery.

Do you know of a website that allows users to exchange human waste for money? Yes, it is possible to get money from a website for sending your poo. This service is so bizarre that people have started to inquire about it.

This service collects human poop to support a scientific experiment. Legit became trendy because of concerns about its authenticity. This service is used by users in the United States.

Additional Information About HumanMicrobes

It is hard to answer the question as to whether this service is authentic. Let’s now look at some more pertinent details.

  • On the website, you can easily find contact information and details about the founder.
  • The website is neatly organized with an attractive interface.
  • On some platforms, the website scores 4.3/5. However, the number and quality of reviews are quite low.
  • To answer the question: Is Legit. Many sources agree that the website is legitimate. However, there are still some concerns.
  • Positive reviews and contact details are two of the main reasons that this service appears legitimate.
  • But, it is still in its early phases and the nature of its research remains complex.
  • There could be unknown complications in donating poop to this treatment.
  • This website isn’t popular, and its services don’t have a lot of recognition.

Is Legit?

Before we dive into the legitimacy and details of this service, let us review the following information.

  • HumanMicrobes provides stool donations in the country. They also participate in microbiome studies.
  • They believe that microbes living inside our bodies are key to maintaining good health. The microbiome reveals this clear system of microbes.
  • Their research shows that microbes are easily collected from poop, which is why they collect stool from users.
  • HumanMicrobes claims it is looking for 0.1% of the healthiest individuals who can sustain strong microbes in order to make them a good subject for research.
  • Legit is getting traction. Users in the United States are wondering why this company claims to pay for human excrete.
  • This service is unusual and suspicious because of its peculiar nature. We’ll address the concern in the next section.

Final Thoughts

HumanMicrobes pays users to donate their poop. They are involved in microbiome studies, and poop plays an important role. It’s becoming more popular among users, so we answered the Legitquestion above. You can read more about HumanMicrobes.

The first time you heard about this service, where were you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments about this experiment.