Decorating your home in the best ways possible by keeping up with the latest trends is everyone’s desire because home is a place where our heart resides. There are multiple ways through which we can accentuate the looks of any space but rugs or carpets will always remain unparalleled in that context. They provide the classic yet modern vibes to a space and also help to create a visual impact by giving the optical illusion of a larger space. There are many home décor India options available, but carpets for living room are a great way to express your individuality and personal style. 

However, in a world where extensive varieties of rugs for living room are available, it is quite a task to choose the perfect rug for your sweet home. If you are also caught in this dilemma then follow us along for the best tips and tricks to choose an ideal carpet for living room. 

Things to keep in mind before selecting a carpet 

Even before we jump on to the latest designs and patterns of carpets, it is of foremost importance that we are mindful of certain facts about choosing the right kind of carpet or rug for living room. This will make the task easier and your investment worthwhile as the right decisions help in the long run. Have a look at what you need to remember that’ll help you buy one of the best rugs for living room. 

Size of the room: The living room is the liveliest space in our homes since they witness innumerable get-togethers and family meets. These spaces are usually bigger than any other spaces in our homes therefore larger sizes of rugs or carpets suit them the best. In addition to this, the large size of carpets in living rooms provides a wholesome look to the entire space and creates a joyful environment around. 

Colour of the rug: Choosing the right colour for home décor India items can be tricky. That’s why; it is important to choose colours that will make the house look cohesive and stunning. 

You can explore various colour themes that suit your overall décor theme. Usually, to keep up with neutral shades of furniture, pastel shades of rugs for living room are preferred but if you are someone who loves big bold colours then choosing bright and cheerful shade will be a great choice when buying carpet for living room. 

The shape of the rug: There are several shapes of rugs for living room available such as oval, circular rugs, rectangular rugs, asymmetric, and many more. Choosing the right shape of rugs predominantly depends on the design of the space and the placement of furniture. For instance, if you have a circular central table and curved sofas then both circular as well rectangular-shaped rugs will go well in the room. 

Top 5 Types of Carpets and Rugs for your Living Room

These were some important things that were necessary to know before buying that one phenomenal carpet for living room. Now let us explore some of the latest rug/carpet designs for your living room that not only brighten up your space but also raise the style quotient of your home. Here are the top 5 choices of rugs/carpets liked by most interior décor enthusiasts.

Abstract Beauty

Nothing can match magnificent abstract patterns that can be used for home decoration. Quintessential abstract rugs can be matched with different themes in your living space be it the vintage classics or the stylish modern theme. 

Check out our sky full of surprises abstract modern rug in exquisite shades of blue, gold, and grey that is nothing less than a masterpiece. Made with the power loom, this piece is a perfect blend of colours and modern designs. 

Geometric patterned rug 

When you are in doubt about what pattern of the rug will match your home décor then go for a geometric patterned rug. These rugs for living room are timeless, durable, and can be placed at multiple locations in your home. These come in several geometric patterns such as circular patterns or abstract geometric patterns and are surely a solution to all your home décor needs.

Our geometric sketch home rug made with premium quality fabric is an ideal choice for large living rooms as it will add colours, and texture and give the much-required warmth to your space. 

Oval-shaped rugs 

Modern times call for the most voguish additions when it comes to home décor since the essence of beauty lies in change. Choosing the oval-shaped carpets for living room will be the best decision you will ever make due to the unique shape which is suitable for almost all kinds of spaces and furniture. 

Have a look at our Rene Oval geometric rug part of our home décor India collection which is an eye-catcher because of its vibrant amalgamation of colours and design. 

Aqua Themed Rugs 

A tint of natural beauty to your home, can make all the difference.  Adding plants or nature-themed paintings or even a nature-themed rug can also be a great idea for the décor lover in you. These can be used to create a definite colour theme or to add natural hues that make the atmosphere feel serene and cheerful. 

Our Aqua Marine rug comes in colours like Blue, Gold, and Grey that depict the artistic river pattern and will become the style statement in your home. It is one of the most loved products of the home décor India collection. 

Classic Rectangular Rugs 

Nothing can beat the classic rectangular-shaped rugs as they are versatile and can be used for multiple locations in your ambience such as the entryway, living room, patio, and dining spaces. These types of carpets for living room are available in numerous colour patterns and designs and are loved by top interior designers for their functionality. 

One such unique home décor India rug is our Sede Pattern Floor Rug in the shapes of rhombus and triangles with golden details. It is one bold piece that will suit your style and is easy to maintain because of its premium quality.