This article will provide information about how to resolve the Tvapp-00500 error and details about the app.

Technology is constantly evolving and the features it offers are sometimes amazing. Isn’t it? It’s amazing to think that smartphones are no longer the only thing we have, but Smart TVs. But, many people in the United States experience problems with their sets.

According to reports, Smart TVs using Xfinity connections may be experiencing connectivity issues and Tvapp-00500 error. This is a known issue.

What’s the error with Xfinity TV app?

Xfinity, a streaming app for Android devices, projects your favorite shows with the help the internet. The app requires that your device be capable of supporting all the features.

Xfinity’s streaming app can be used even without a user’s device. It allows you to live stream any show, sport, or other content. They are popular, especially with smart TVs. Some users are not happy with XfinityError Tvapp 00500.

This error has been affecting Samsung smart TVs. Customers have complained about not being able to access their data and programs due to the unknown error. The company has yet to resolve this issue. Many customers have started to log cases on the official Xfinity website, where they can get help with troubleshooting.

Some cases log answers advise people to log off the program to receive a new activation number that will restart their program. However, these steps do not work for all customers.


Many system glitches have been caused by an Xfinity error with their TV app. The majority of these issues are related to Samsung TV sets. Xfinity has claimed that the beta version may not support these sets. Some users and company workers suggested tapping the troubleshooting button could resolve the issue.

Roku users are experiencing the same problem and have had to reset their Roku boxes. However, it is apparent that the problem is not a one-off issue. It is clear from all of the evidence that the Xfinity streaming app has problems and errors.

XfinityError Tvapp 00500troubleshooting consists of some steps often recommended by the company. After they have logged in, tap the troubleshooting button and initiate the peer-to–peer messaging. This will take you to Xfinity Support. You can also send your question directly to them using a unique code.


Technology has taken over most of our daily lives, so having problems with it can be frustrating. These errors can cause unexpected system shutdowns. Contact customer support to rectify the problem.

The technological age has many problems like Tvapp-00500 Error. It is suggested that you contact customer support since there are no troubleshooting code generated for it. You can find related questions and solutions here.