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You are interested in a comprehensive overview of all portals before you shop for products. Windiko.com: Do you want to reveal the authenticity or other details?

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Illustrating Windiko.com

This portal sells indoor slippers as well as rompers. We did extensive research. Windiko.com claims to be a site that sells baby clothing. To prepare their products, they began to use natural cotton with the GOTS certificate.

All these details found in the About Us section may be fascinating to you. You can avoid falling for this trap by learning more about the site. To answer any questions like Does Windiko Legit?, we have provided the exact answer. Below is more information about this portal.

The Portal: Key Specifications

  • The investigation detected that the URL is https://windiko.com/.
  • We noticed the absence of the newsletter option.
  • 906 Hummingbird Dr San Jose California 95125 USA serves as the office address.
  • Respondents indicated that they get payments through VISA MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and MasterCard.
  • The portal offers a 30-day refund policy.
  • Windiko.com has slippers and rompers listed.
  • Within a few business days, the website will inform you about your refund status.
  • Our Windiko survey noted +1 707 3227 2438 as the telephone number.
  • The customer can return the item and buy the desired product.
  • This site has support@windiko.com as the email address.
  • The portal estimates that transit times can take between 6 and 15 days.
  • During our research we discovered that the website was established on 02/06/2021. We discovered that it is a portal with a 1-year, 1-month, and 15-day age.
  • It is possible for product handling to take between 1 and 5 days.
  • We found that social media icons were missing.

Viewed Over The Website

  • We found a phone number, and an email address.
  • The Windiko noted that all customers have free shipping.
  • Our survey found the address details.

Faults –

  • Portal does not contain icons
  • We didn’t observe the newsletter option.
  • Trustpilot has no legit reviews.

Is Windiko.com Scam?

  • Bulk Purchase Facility – According to the research the buyer can purchase products in bulk condition.
  • Website Termination Date 02/06/2023 is Windiko.com’s expiration day.
  • Shoppers’ Reactions – Trustpilot does not allow comments. Aside from that, there are no reviews of any item on the official portal. This raises the question: Is Windiko Legit.
  • Social Connections– We found no social network icons in our research.
  • Trust score– 45% refers to the value achieved during the research.
  • Discount Information– We found some discounts on certain products.
  • Trust Rating – We have determined that this value is 0.7/100.
  • Site age – This portal was created on 02/06/2021. It is therefore one year, one months and fifteen days old.
  • Alexa Rank – This online site has a 5859532 score.
  • Policies The investigation discovered that the details were duplicated.
  • Originality We observed that no other business was operating in the same location with the same portal name.

What are Reliable Windiko ?

Trustpilot has not received any comments from users, which was a significant problem. Other review platforms don’t have legit customer reviews. Additionally, the website was created more than a year ago and does not have any comments or social profiles.

We found this portal to be a scam by looking at the factors and not appealing to potential buyers. Determine the most important factors that buyers should consider to avoid PayPal Scam Tricks .

The Bottom Line

This Windiko reviews post evaluated this online site and marked it as suspicious and questionable. You should be careful when using this website. Find out more about credit card duplicityRead more about slippers.

Have you been cheated by this portal? Your opinion is welcome.