When making a new hire, it is absolutely crucial that the position is awarded to the right person for the job. Exactly who that ‘right person’ is may depend on a number of factors including experience, education and ethos, and whether or not these correspond with the working culture of the prospective employer. Instead of going with your gut, it’s essential that you take your new hire into thorough consideration and compare the potential candidates carefully. Let’s take a closer look at why effective hiring is so important for the smooth running of any business or company: 

Qualifications and expertise – In today’s job market, many prospective job-hunters are actually overqualified for the positions they’re applying for. While many recruiters may see ‘under-applying’ as something of a warning sign, it must be comforting for employers that the market is brimming with talented job hunters who are more than qualified to fulfil their respective roles. While qualifications are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selecting a new employee for your company, you’re far more likely to get better results from a worker who’s highly qualified in their field. It is far riskier for your bottom line to hire unqualified staff.  

Core values – With job seekers finding increasingly inventive ways to find employment and stand out in the market, it can be easy for employers to get dazzled and forget about the fundamentals when making a new hire – one of the most important things to ensure is that any new employee shares the same core values as their potential new company. Finding a good ethical match for your team is essential for productivity and cohesion in the workplace. 

Leadership matters – If the time has come to fill management and leadership positions in your company, it’s essential that you take great care in your decision. Handing over the reins of your business can be intimidating and a new manager can have a transformative effect on your company’s culture and turnover, for better or worse. When hiring a new manager, consider making use of executive search services to find the best candidates for the job. 

Customer satisfaction and communication – Your choice of employee in any customer-facing role can have an immediate and direct impact on the level of customer satisfaction and profit. If you’re hiring for a role in which the candidate will have to liaise with clients, resolve complaints or deal with the public regularly, ensure that your new hire is suitably experienced or adept in customer service and professional communication. Making the wrong choice could have catastrophic implications at the front line, especially if your business is client-facing.