Whether you’re heading off to a sun-kissed beach or simply getting some rays at the local beer garden, there’s no excuse to start enjoying the more excellent weather now. Naturally, the change of season makes us eager to ditch our traditional nude manicure in favor of a brighter, punchier summer nail style. Everyone has a tropical nail idea, from neon nails to rainbow stripes, pastel nail paint to metallic nail art.

If you’re looking for nail ideas, put on your sunhat and get out your DIY nail kit, and try the ideas listed below:

Euphoria Nails 

If you watch Euphoria for the endless supply of 90s-themed make-up inspiration as much as the dramatic plot, it’s time to recognize the show’s manicure credentials. The manicure styles created by Hollywood nail artist Natalie Minerva have already generated a sensation on social media. Euphoria-level nail ideas and designs demand creativity and a steady hand. You’ll need nail paint in bold colors. Avoid heavy hand accessories when adorning these nails, and allow these nails to give all the drama to your attire!

  1. Rainbow Nails 

Can’t pick between two colors? Pick five! This rainbow ombre effect is simple to achieve yet has a stunning result. If you’re not ready to start with nail art, here is one style you can do with just gel polish. Choose five colors that are close in hue. If the colors are not similar, you might choose a specific color palette and arrange them in color order from lightest to darkest. Apply to your nails and prepare for a magnificent yet simple nail design.

  1. 3D Nail Art

The latest nail art trend is all about dimension. Nature-inspired structures — imagine raindrops and melting candle wax — are being created on top of the fingernails. Both artists and trend forecasters are noticing an increase in 3D nail art, which they describe as “organic” and perhaps “amorphous” in shape.

Doing 3D nail art on your own can be difficult. You can either get them done by a professional or start by doing simple pearl or rhinestone nails. 3D nails elevate the manicure concept and are highly eye-catching.

  1. Matcha Nails

A gorgeous green hue, particularly this icy tone of green, is here to stay. Because green is rarely seen in cosmetics, this most recent pick has the potential to become a summer favorite this year. Green can be calm, edgy, or anything else. Matcha nails are ideal for slaying with any summer outfit because of the pastel tone of the shade. It’s light and breezy, perfect for summer. Kendall Jenner wore matcha green nail polish flawlessly, proving that green deserves more than a passing glance.

  1. French Tips 

A French manicure is always in style. And we think the summer variation of a French manicure is our favorite!  Depending on the season, it has the potential to be transformed into something fresh and new. For the summer version of French nails, you need bright, multi-colored tips, tiny flower accents, half-moon shapes, or even gemstones. 

In a wavy finish, you combine the flower highlights with some of the season’s popular colors, including lilacs, vivid pastels, yellow (mustard, marigold), mint green, and aqua. It is not just limited in colors. French is the aesthetic we’re seeing on all shapes of nails nowadays, whether squared, almond, or coffin.

  1. Cartoon Clouds

This season is all about cloud nails. This nail trend is precisely what it sounds like: dreamy, fanciful swirls of white and blue inspired by the sky on a bright summer day. Puffy clouds are drawn over sky-blue bases, but there are also many more abstract interpretations for individuals who prefer a less visible manicure—for example, gentle pastel pinks and lavenders, milky, marbled finishes. And, as you’ll see, the style works on a wide range of nail lengths and shapes. 

These cartoony clouds are easy to DIY. You only need a decent art brush and the perfect opaque white to paint these.

  1. Zodiac nails 

Whether you check your horoscope every month, match your scent to your sign, or use terms like “natal chart” in everyday conversation, there’s no denying the Internet’s collective love with astrology has gone mainstream. 

Astrology nails are in trend, and it is dreamy. A simple Instagram scroll reveals that shimmering constellations, vivid galaxies, and beautifully detailed decals are becoming increasingly popular. The appearances range from simple to extravagant, but each is stunning and wonderfully captures that enticing magical quality.


Beach days and barbecues are finally on the horizon, so it’s time to plan your summer nails. Whether going to the salon or becoming a DIY manicure master over the last year, you’ll need summer nail ideas. The list above features the most recent summer nail styles that you must attempt.