In a nutshell, as the cost of mobile devices continues to rise, consumers must decide whether or not to invest in new technology. Because of this uncertainty, device manufacturers have begun to design products with shorter lifespans, a method known as planned obsolescence.

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Consumers may believe they are on the cutting edge of digital technology if they upgrade to the latest smartphone every year. However, it comes at a premium cost, with high-end models of modern smartphones costing more than $1,300.

That’s why many people choose to wait until their current devices begin to slow down before adding the expense of a new item to their debt. Annual upgrades have slowed significantly for several smartphone manufacturers, with iPhone owners now having to wait four years on average to upgrade.

However, many customers are likely to wonder the same thing before purchasing a new smartphone

Device Lifespans Can Be Cut Short Due to Planned Obsolescence

The design characteristics that encourage consumers to purchase new devices rather than fix existing ones are part of a larger plan built into the industry’s revenue model.

Companies manufacture mobile devices with a shelf life in mind, which is referred to as planned obsolescence. It also goes beyond simply making battery removal more difficult.

“When the battery dies, a portion of the phone may slow down. “And the company’s justification is that it doesn’t want the phone to overheat, “However, they did it in secret, and later they were discovered.” They don’t do it anymore.”

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