Social media platforms are an integral part of the internet. Due to the huge success of social media giants, other platforms similar to them are often inspired or built in their image.

Some social media platforms, however, are very political because they can’t maintain political neutrality due their userbase. Gettr is one of these platforms, and Who Owns Gettr is growing in popularity. This query has been quite popular in both the United States, and the United Kingdom. For more information about this platform, please read this article.

What is gettr?

Gettr is a social networking platform, as we have already said. American conservatives primarily use the platform for their opinions. It is therefore unsuitable to everyone’s use.

The platform’s political nature comes from its creator, who was an official spokesperson and aide to Donald Trump. Who is the owner of Gettr. We’ll get there soon. The app was released in July 2021 and has received millions of downloads.


  • Its interface and appearance are very similar to Twitter.
  • It claims to be a platform for free speech, allowing users to share their thoughts.
  • This platform offers uncensored news access, and users can connect with others who share their interests on the platform.
  • The platform is well-known for publishing controversial posts among other things.

Who Owns Gettr.

Let’s examine all details concerning the ownership and use of this platform.

  • The political nature and some of its controversies are directly connected to who owns this platform.
  • Jason Miller, a former advisor to President Donald Trump is the creator and founder of the app.
  • Many platforms have banned Donald Trump from using social networking websites such as Twitter.
  • The authorities shut down his blog for many reasons.
  • For the longest time, Gettr was thought to be Donald Trump’s platform.
  • Who is the owner of Gettr Jason Miller is the owner and operator of this social media site.
  • Recent news about the platform included the ban of accounts belonging to right-leaning politicians. This led to an online backlash.
  • Joe Rogan joined the platform more recently.

The Final Versdict

Social media platforms are one among the most important and popular internet domains. This sector is responsible for a large portion of internet traffic. Gettr is another app that is rapidly gaining popularity. Users are also curious about its ownership. We’ve provided all relevant information about Gettr above.