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Are you familiar with Jada pinkett Smith and Will Smith What do you know about the scandalous lives of American actors. It’s a popular topic in different regions such as the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom , and Australia.

Jada pinkett, an American actor, confessed to having an affair in 2020 with August while she was married to Will Smith. Why and how does this relate to Who Did Will Smith Cheat withtrending This article will answer all your questions.

Was Will Smith’s Widow Cheating-?

Jada Smith and Will Smith were in a clear relationship for several years. On numerous occasions, it was even suggested that they would get divorced. There were stories of an apparent conspiracy when Will Smith was married to Jada Smith.

It featured a spot between Chris Rock’s spouse in history. Jada, however, admitted to an affair in several interviews. What was she cooking? Let’s read it together.

Who Did Will Smith’s Wife Get Married to?

Jada, Will, and their 22-year-old son and 19-year-old girl were happy to be married. They had their ups as well as downs. That led people to spread rumours about Jada having an affair with someone else.

The couple parted ways after such difficult times. However, rumors began to circulate that Jada was having an affair with Chris Rock. Unfortunately, Will and Chris were entangled in rivalries due to this incorrect allegation.

These situations allow people to suddenly ask: Who was Will Smith’s wife? Jada pinkett Smith revealed that she was in a relationship August Alsina while the couple was struggling. Jada knew that it wasn’t an affair. It was an escape from reality.

What’s the Situation Now

While the couple may not be together anymore, there is a strong bond between them of trust and understanding. Jada only requested that Will do good things for her. Will Smith is still bitter about the separation and considers this a failure.

Will’s rude remarks to Chris Rock about a joke about Jada are evidence of falsehood.

Why is this trending right now?

This news is hot because of what happened at this year’s Oscar awards ceremony. Will Smith, an American comedian, actor, and filmmaker, was accused of having slapped Chris Rock due to their previous rivalries. All this took place after Chris made an unusual joke about Jada Smith during Oscars 2022.


August Alsina could be the explanation for JadaSmith’s affair. This is because Jada acknowledged this fact during the stormy relationship between Will and Jada. But the claims about Chris Rock are totally false.

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