Do you wonder why the spring season is generally considered as a good season to clean everything? This is because spring is a good time to let your carpets dry under sunlight and also that is the time when the climate is neither too hot nor too cold. This makes spring a good time to get the job done at earliest. Plus, in this season, water damage carpet cleaning can be carried out in a good manner as it is drier month and supports fast drying.

Here are some reasons why we say that end of spring is the best time for cleaning the carpet-

  • You can keep the windows open to let the cool air come in and dry your carpet.
  • Ground starts drying which reduces the mud that might get caught in your carpet.
  • Bacteria and allergens along with dust and mites which stay in your carpet are removed which is why you need not worry about the allergies catching you.
  • If you have decided to clean the carpets all by yourself, then you need to rent or purchase a carpet cleaning machine. For that, you can research the rates and rental options in various stores of your area and make sure that you follow proper directions given by the manufacturer of that machine.

Though this season is good for carpet cleaning, still which method is appropriate for carpet cleaning depends on the type of carpet which you choose. Spot treatment is helpful when spills are lighter, however deep cleaning can be effective in retaining the luster and fluffiness of your carpet. For these treatments, you can also hire professionals who can use advanced techniques and machinery to give you comprehensive and end to end results.

If you consider cleaning the carpet through the carpet shampoo method, then here are some steps which you will need to follow.

1. Shift your furniture from that particular room which you are planning to clean. In case you have heavy items, then place furniture sliders for moving the heavy furniture. For all the objects which are immovable, you can wrap them up with plastic and make sure that their base is protected.

2. Clean the room thoroughly by using a vacuum cleaner.

3. Take a walk along the wall and see if there are any stains. Also, you can pre-treat all the stains with lukewarm or hot water stains. You can simply pour a cup of hot water on the stain and rub it slowly with the fingers or by using a brush. Through this method, it is easy to wash all the stains and get rid of all the dirt and grime.

4. Set up a machine as per the manufacturer’s directions. You can add the soap which is recommended as per instructions.

5. Start washing your carpet with a shampoo from the inner corner of your room. You can start working in a slow and straight manner by pushing or pulling the vacuum cleaner as directed. If you use a carpet cleaner, then you will need to go in the same direction by giving your machine time to pump in the soap in your carpet, and suck it back.

6. After the carpet is cleaned with a shampoo, you vacuum clean it again without using soap. The second round enables the machine to wash out any remnant soap or dirt that is left behind.

7. You can also consider opening the windows so that fresh air can help the carpet to dry and do not allow your family members or pets to step on your carpet till it is completely dried out.

8. Once you are assured that the carpet is completely dried, you can shift your furniture back in its former location. However, if it is not dried, then you need to keep yourself away from the carpet so that it does not stain again. You can also keep a plastic or aluminum foil beneath the legs of your furniture.

If you follow these steps, then you can certainly get a refreshed and clean carpet which is free from all the dirt and also foul odor. Also, your home will appear more fresh and also more clean. Plus, with regular maintenance you can extend the life of your carpets and save money on replacing them. However, this is a tedious process and is difficult to execute all by yourself. Hence, you will need a professional who can assist you with effective techniques and machines.

Although there is no definitive answer as to when the best time is to get your carpets professionally cleaned, we recommend doing so at least once a year. Not only will this help keep your home looking and smelling fresh, it can also improve your indoor air quality. If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable and best carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, be sure to schedule regular carpet cleanings with a trusted service like Kit Flood Restoration Melbourne.